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Hi all, how are you been a busy couple of days here.

Wednesday working with Hayley ๐Ÿ˜€

I loved it, in the morning we worked on her numbers again , now she can memorize it off by heart, we are working on putting the number in her head to the number on paper.

My aim is to help her learn phone numbers by reading them so she can call me from any phone independantly, it may take a while but I know it can happen I don’t doubt it at all.

We then met my Niki for lunch, Hayley invited her to join us, followed by shopping of course Hayley decided to by another Mickey Mouse only this time with music and light up cheek’s.

She also choose a face pack and Mickey Mouse nails. She has been doing so well with her diet and has gone from 10st 4 to 9st 8.5 in three weeks , such an awesome job of not cheating.

She told me someone offered her a bit of birthday cake at the day center and she said “No Thankyou” so another great thing she is learning to say no to her friends.

So the afternoon I have her a make over as a treat nails and face mask, her first experience of both, her face when we peeled it off she thought it was funny and wired all at the same time.

The nails looked great I didn’t think they would last long and I was right they were off this morning but she loved the experience.

Seeing her walking around with her hands out fingers spread was a sight, she didn’t know what to do with her hands.

So that was a lovely beautiful experience to be part of and do for her.

Still awaiting her blood test results , it is taking her mind off them for now.

When I took her home she put her hands behind her back and started laughing she couldn’t wait to surprise dad, or show him her new Mickey Mouse.

Book review 1

got a new book review from Nikki A

And even though she English is not her first language she worked hard on writing it in English so really proud of her for that.

Here is her review she left on my Facebook author page

This is a unique and interesting book to read,from a unique mother and wife ,
an interesting and informative book
on health, and family life ,during Christmas holiday season which can be a healing therapy,for any questions on health care.
love and family is the the most important
mebicine and this new author is very much
Display this in this deautiful book .
A book for all the family to read and learn
that love and compassion,
Go,,,,, hand in hand ,, good luck faye farmer,

Today was quite a long day, started of with getting kids to school because of road works took 2 hours there and back but was lovely sitting in the car listening to music ,I really love the sights of the country side on way to Niki’s school, had an email today from Jake’s school about attendance being in the amber zone, he only had 2 days off sick due to migraine and his syncope so 94% still not sure how they work there percentages out but they are aware of his issues as they have had a letter from doctor stating it may cause him to need to take time off when flares up.

There isn’t much I can do to change this so I am just not going to worry about it.

I have also been working on my book with my hubby scrutinising every page for any edits that were missed before it was published, there were one or two minor ones ready too make Especially on request of our Jake to make sure the word pony was added after the my little the most important edit as it is one of his favourite topics.

Then it was the afternoon school run and working with Hayley again shorter shift today as she is out tonight at her favorite pub.

Book reviews no 2

Next checking and working on author page again and another review ๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ

From the beautiful Odette H

I read this book written by a mother with two autistic children and her journey to get them the correct diagnosis and help they needed and her journey to do this.It is also a fun book for children about a mischievous elf called Emo and the antics he got up to in their household during the Christmas season. A book that both children and adults alike can enjoy either together or on their own. It is also a book that can help other parents embarking on the same journey,with a message that you should never give up in your search for answers and seeking the help for your children and family.
I enjoyed this book immensely and felt very humbled after reading what Faye has been through both with her children and the loss of several family members,but still having the courage to create this book.
Well worth the read and well done Faye I look forward to the next episode of Emo’s antics

Niki blood results

I phoned doctors today for them and they were inconclusive so they were sent to another hospital for further testing I guess we a wait the results of them a little longer.

Work with Tommy and girls

Shift change this week from Friday night to Saturday, as my little Tom Tom has his premeds in London ready for his operation next month, he is such a lovely cheeky young man always laughing despite his issues.

I hate to think of him on the operating table , he has had Botox in his legs but the muscles are still tight so needs an op on his leg and hip.

Still on Saturday I am going to spoil him with Elves and story time he lives these little things we get up to all sorts of mischief together.

Any that’s all the news for today.

Love Faye XXโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜€