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Hi all how are you today?

Been a great day here, Niki and Jake returned to thier school and college. Not one phone call or text home, that is so good for first day back,

I have been busy sorting house first then my other author pages.

First with the author event in April that I will be attending, then inviting others to grow page, eventually I will be having all the book things here or on my Facebook and Amazon and linkedin profiles, and keep my family page for just that, obviously I am a mum worried and like to be careful who I let on pages I am linked to my kids with, i have looked at security settings, so noone can just add my family, I think it is important to have some boundry’s in place. The reason I share my kids stories is simply to highlight the journey they have made , what we went through as a family, we discussed it before I wrote the book and it is with there agreement to do that.

They have the right to ask me not to share at times when they want a little more privacy. Or just don’t like a perticular picture. It is all about choise for them and us. Our own little family.

I enjoy them being involved and helping not because they have too bit because they want too.

The book update will be here soon,

Any way it is good night from me

Sleep peacefully.

May your week be full over positive encouragement

Faye XX😀❤️