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Hi all how are you all doing today?

Well I have done it!! Yay meπŸ˜€

Education plans completed, hospital appoints done and out of the way, and reviews completed for another year.

Although very stressful and a lot of running around, especially when doing it for three different people.

I am Grateful to get it all done in a couple of weeks.

Back to school 😌😒

What can I say about that I one way it is great a chance to get the house into some sort of kids mess free way.

I am going to miss them loads they keep me busy, challenge me, in ways I am sure being a parent you would understand, it is wired not having there little squeals of excitement or there calls “Mum,Mummy, Mother”

The minute i put my feet up.

Having colds has kind of hindered us a little a made us all just a little moody on occasion . The kids are ready for there routine to return.

So hopefully there sleep will come a little early than usual tonight.


Working on sorting it all out, it was so easy in the beginning all working to schedule, and it was important to share our perspective.

But yesterday my Jake started writing his journey through diagnosis from his perspective, what more can I ask for my book to do then to help them feel free to write and help others understand them in the way they see it.

I have read some of the start and it it really good. Really proud he is starting to be able to put in words what it really was like for him.

My hubby

Maybe he does read my posts after all,

As he put up a jokey post about nagging and been walking around with a face on since, only this time I didn’t nag I just blogged about it.

I did see a smile on his face when he saw my reply to his nagging post.

The post was this

“There once was a girl who didn’t nag whine or bitch for one day just one day”

My reply

There once was a man who did what he was told and didn’t earn the nagging just one day. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Even our oldest joined in with a photo of a shed. I love our family banter.

It kind of disappeared for a while on the journey but is slowly returning.

The thing is on the journey you become so sensitive to what is said you forget the laughter and happiness you felt in the moment, everything becomes misinterpreted as a negative against you as a person and I would truly say that is the truth for all my little family maybe except our Josh he still has his humour πŸ˜‚ and logical thinking. It always so good to just chat to him about everything.

My hubby cooked breakfast again for me and Niki, yummy pancakes all home made.

That’s all today

Hope to update you all soon πŸ˜€

All my love Faye xx