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Hi all how are you all,

Book news

Today has me deeply thinking about the other authors caught up in the liquidation, some of the reply’s in the email thread just really makes me so upset for everyone involved with it.

Who has revieved reply’s and who hasn’t , who has there books back and who don’t I am just one author of hundreds so and that doesn’t make me feel to good for them.

I still don’t know if they will honour sending it to me and I am being quite on the thread because I have had communication and don’t want to jinx it.

And lack of marketing our books seems to be a comman topic, I think all the experience in this area is is one of them touchy areas.

I mean personally I know what I want my book to stand for who I would like to read it, and who I would like to pass the positive memory’s of our families stories on too.

I also know why it is important to my family to here someone show this other side of Autism then the difficulties.

Maybe in a way I am very controlling over it because there were times I was not in control of our situation and that wasn’t good for any of us.

The wisting is a some what painfully feeling to have to deal with ,but in saying that I simply have no choise in what happens next and it is in someone else’s hands at the moment.

Possession is nine tenths of the law so they hold all the cards at this moment.

I certainly wish to see a more honest world, and to be really honest I have had more than my fair share of bad news in my life time.


Jake woke late today and he hasn’t been feeling brilliant today he has his dad’s cold, so he was pretty Quite.


The doctor’s phoned back today, and wanted to run another blood test, again her process in this area is remarkable, she took her number, it was busy with 20 people Infront of her but she remained in positive spirits. The hospital were great at getting people in and out quickly so not much of a wait.

Her number came up she got up and went into the room on her own and came out with her little white cotton wool ball taped to her arm.

Now it is await for the results thing.

This is the one that I am really hoping comes back negative, I am a mum after all pretending not to worry is easier than admitting it.

My hubby

My hubby is not coughing so much now, but is still wheezing so his not quite off the hook yet from all our nagging,


Night shift with her tonight and right now she is asleep, she came home from the day center saying she is happy with some of the new changes to her scedual.

I am afriad that’s all I have to say tonight the screen is making me tired and I need to stay awake.

Good night all

All my love Faye xx