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Hi all how’s your day been,

Hayley review

Was a really great review, she is doing well she discussed things that were bothering her and things she liked,

Bless her she was really wanting to show what we have been working on together when she isn’t at the day center, visual prompts and photos work well in Hayley showing what’s important to her, they are now going to maybe bring in some learning numbers and letters.

On one of the days this is an important next step for Hayley, and she really seems to want to start learning this now.

The thing is with disabilities like Hayley has for years since she left school alot of the time we have to highlight the things she can’t do independantly that we forget that if we continue keep trying to teach her to read write and learn her numbers .

She just got so used to saying I can’t do that and would refuse to try.

Now she is really open I have worked so hard over the last year with Hayley on learning to talk about her emotions and last year as the last couple of years she has lost family and friends, so if anyone is just slightly I’ll she panics.

Very understandable really even for our family who don’t have Disabilities

But family is an important part of Hayley’s life, and she thrives around her nieces and nephews and she wants to learn what they do.


So today is the day the liquidators are supposed to get a digital copy of my book and print run ready to send to me tommorrow so in reality I not sure what way they are sending it to me hopefully securely, I should receive it by Tuesday at the latest.

Fingers crossed that’s what will happen.🀞

I have sent the things to my oldest for him to start the book trailer with, I am thankfully he is helping.


There seems to be the winter bugs going round Niki had sore throat, Jake has a cough and my hubby well it’s flu on Man flu, I wish he would go to doctor and have his chest listened to because it’s driving us all nuts .

He sounds like a whistling kettle and his cough keeps us awake, we have all nagged him to no avail. Funny thing is he tells me when I should go but doesn’t accept me telling him.

And yes mum if your reading this you have a stubburn son, wonder where he gets that from πŸ˜πŸ˜€

Just a little tip an insight into the female mind , sup it up get it checked or permentant grumpy wife face will be here to stay.

If I write it down here maybe someone else can take the fall out for telling him, the more I say it the more he digs his heels in.

I forgot to mention I have a ten foot by 12 foot shed which could easily be made in to a man den untill cough has completely gone.

Really I don’t mean it and am only joking,πŸ˜€ got to let out the frustration some where. And he is too worn out from coughing to read my blogπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Beileve he isn’t the only man in our family that gets stuburn about the doctors. He probally won’t be the last either . But at least he has shaved his beard off and I can now see his handsome face 😚😁again.

There’s an old saying Practice what you preach it definatley springs to mind, in this situation.

It’s ok my hubby is used to my sarcasm so don’t worry and feel to sorry that he has to put up with grumpy wife face.

The Holidays have gone well , despite the appointments we have had this week no real dramas kids have been relaxed, mostly we try and arrange appointments out of school term time so kids attendance is affected to much. And we don’t end up with fine letters.

Now it’s a few days before term starts again so we are going to get back in school routine mode.πŸŽ“

We have Kung fuπŸ₯‹ on Saturday with Jake. I also am on a night shift with Hayley tommorrow.

Little Tom

He has his date for op on his legs I really hate seeing him having to go through this, bless him, But hopefully it will help and be benifitial for him.

I really adore him his bubbly sweet personality, his squeal of delight, his sense of humour is legendary. And his smile melts me.πŸ₯‡he is my little champ.

Any way good night

Have a peaceful sleep

All my love Faye xx

Not all together grumpy but smiling through it