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Hi all how are you doing today,

Been very busy one here, sometimes I think I do my best work when very busy.


Niki’s doctor’s appointment went well, she was able to ask most of the questions she wanted to know about the medicines , which again is highly important step for her to take in respect to her own health, what she didn’t ask I did.

Her concerns answered and we left with medicine to start tonight.

The doctor is going to chase one of the questions she asked the specialist because she checked her records and had not received an answer to that question an important one really.

She is going to phone us back as soon as she knows. In a couple of weeks time and to see how Niki’s feeling about the treatment.


She was excellent at having her blood test today and said she isn’t scared any more so that is great. Plus having plenty of water before she goes helps with her veins be assessable .

We went to shop for things for her learning journal and memory book which we made today, just so she can put the photos of things she is doing and to remind her of how they are good for her.

Hidden difficulties

Being a carer is not always an easy job and when I talk about hidden difficulties it isn’t about the person I am working with,

It is about everything around them working to the best for there care.

This could be ordering and picking up medicines. The time line for being able to order has now changed the doctors want 72 hours notice , the chemist 48 hours notice so in reality it is 5 days all together, when your doing it for one person not so bad, but multiple people all getting it at different times and having to have regular medicine reviews in between batches can be complex some times.

Again different diets, different schools, different hospitals, different routines for each of them. Takes alot of flexibility from carers, I am quite flexible now I am fine tuning everyone’s needs to make it go a little easier.

Helping with financing and form filling, paying invoices, and for extra days out.

I think for me the more people I work with the easier it becomes. One passes on the positive changes to the other

It certainly having a knock on affect here.

So this is what I mean by hidden difficulties

Any way that’s our day so far.

Tonight we are putting our feet up and watching a movie with the kids .

Small foot I have seen the trailer and just , spotted it in the shop so thought why not snuggles and movies always the best way to end a day quality time together ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ˜€

All my love

Faye xx