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Hi all hope you day was a great one.

My hubby

He was a sweetheart today, made me the most delicious pancakes this morning for my breakfast, and a really yummy egg and bacon sandwich for lunch, him making me food works well, and has helped me gain the weight I needed to almost 8st 6lb now so only a couple more pounds to gain. He doesn’t cook all the time but when he does its good. Plus nice to be looked after too. Just sometimes.

Bless him he has had a touch of the flu

I have a little cough but not like he does maybe because I had my flu jab.

Hayley’s yearly review

So today’s meeting for Hayley’s annual review was cancelled about 30 mins before it due to start, some mistake, or mix up at the day center who was running it, I did think it was sorted and reconfirmed the other day, but have rebooked it for Thursday now, just when I pull my best jacket out was going for smart look. πŸ˜€


He went fishing with his Grandad again today, they normally have a see who beats who going on between them have done since they first started experiencing fishing together.

Previous years Jake completely won,

This year Grandad 1 Jake 0

But Jake loves the tranquility at the lakes, I never thought much about that side of things before, only that it seemed to help with his anxiety.

But really thinking about how much Jake has issues with sensory especially hearing, and all the sensitivity to high pitched noises it must be so peaceful for his brian.

His headaches haven’t been to bad this week.

It is so easy to forget the little noises around the house that we may not here but he does.

I know I am slightly more sensitive to hearing them when I suffer migraines,

The buzz of the frezzer, the high pitch squeal in a movie or just before it goes to adverts on TV.

Does anyone actually know if it is a diliberate advatising thing, or the fact the adverts always seem louder then the programs?


She has had a relaxing day, she really deserves it as well for all the hard work she has been putting in on her college work.

It’s really nice to see her drawing again different characters. She used to draw alot she has done some AWSOME onesπŸ˜€πŸ’—

So tomorrow doctors and possibly the start of the medicine, Metformin and prostgen pill. But that will be something the doctors will be able to eliviate her worries over.

It has been nearly 2 years since she was on seratrailne for her anxiety.and getting her off that took a little time for her body to adjust.

So her worries being acknowledge is important.


My oldest he entered a short valentine’s poem competion, at the local super market, his poem one so he got a valentine’s hamperπŸ’—

I really love that my kids are creative with there writing, I felt alot of pride.

Especially because it is romantic and about love. Told you I was pretty soppy πŸ˜‚

That is pretty much all today other than Jake found a stuffed bunny rabbit twisted in barbed wire got out the car to rescue it and put it on the fence post, think he remembers when he lost his Tutter mouse a couple of years ago it never did turn up.

Have a beautiful evening

And I just want to say hello to my 2 mums Odette who is my mum and Nikoleta who is my mother in-law thanks for always reading my posts πŸ˜€ and for sharing.

Goodnight may your sleep be peaceful and refreshing

Much love Faye xx