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Hi all how are you I was getting around to write the second installment of how it all began but have been slightly set back because it’s the school holidays here, also because I was not expecting news from liquidators till later in the week.

Book news

First they confirmed in writing today I will be recieving my digital and print run copy, which will be sent out to me on Friday, thank goodness for that maybe all it took was me speaking up for myself.

Secondly we received the minutes of the meeting not long after, the less I say about that right now the better don’t want to jinx getting my copies.

Working on my book trailer

Now this is a big step I am a carer I am used to helping others out, but not great in asking for help myself, which my oldest son reminded me it is ok to ask for help, he is good at this kind of thing and has produced some amazing digital things over the years,

And while I can’t at this moment afford a professional book trailer I know he will help produce the perfect one for me.

Now the biggest step is me putting myself on video, how does someone introverted get over it and just get it done. What is it I am so worried about ?

Of course I know it is judgement of others, because you can’t go through diagnosis of autism for your kids without being pulled apart yourself.

Your parenting skills, who your are as a person, what you look like, how you dress all of these things. But mostly trying to talk to others became so frustrating I ended up stuttering my words or getting the wrong words out.

So now what I have stood Infront of a whole town and read my son’s words.

I gave a press interview locally about the issues with his school funding cuts. I look back on them videos and no I can do so much better. If only I could control my emotions a little.

Now I need to worry less and do more, I know as an author I need to be able to speak and articulate my words.

I want to memories the script because reading aloud does not make for an engaging watch, but when I read aloud with kids I am in my comfort zone. I am not over thinking and it comes so naturally.

So I spent the best part of the day with a little help from Jake and positive encouragement and listening ears of Niki,Jake,Josh, my hubby and mum.

I have read out loud and story boarded the words for the trailer.

Can’t wait to see it all come together.

My big hopes is once recieving my copies I will source another way of having my book ready by the time I go to author event in April.


I have given Jake his birthday book of memories still a few more photos to add when the machine is up and running again but for now he has it and loves it. He is also going fishing with his grandad again tommorrow.


We have her appointment with the doctors on Wednesday so she can ask questions she needs to ask for herself about the treatment and long term plans. The doctor’s surgery have been very understanding to give us a pre-bookable appointment, I explained that as Niki is now 18 we are trying to help her take control of her health and appointments. This has taken time because of her anxiety but being prepared in advance as to when the appointment is will make a huge difference to her accessing doctors by herself soon.


It maybe the school holidays but I am still working tommorrow I have to attended Hayley’s annual review at the day center she goes too.

And when I work with her all day on Wednesday we have to get her blood tests done.

This is all for tonight

Many thanks

Faye XXX

Look forward to sharing my book trailer soon.