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The holidays begin

I just love the school holiday’s mainly because i love spending time with the kids, but also no really early wake ups or having to scrape the car, no constant reminders of brush your teeth eat your breakfast were going to be late, 99.9 percent of the time we make it with minutes to spare. I try to get them motivated to be out the door by 8 am but some how it is always 8.10 am.

This is because, that 10 minutes earlier means we dont hit the traffic lights when they all seem to turn red there are 8 sets on our journey, the usual way we go with less traffic lights have gone down 2 a one lane road due to road improvements, so best avoided during peak times.

Picking Niki up from her work experience placement at her old school saw me getting there late, the one stretch of road to get into the town had the road works extending as they were laying new road, was nice to see plenty of workers getting on with it on a Friday afternoon. Niki should be starting another placement after the holidays so may not be working with the kids she has been she came home clutching a picture of her and the children for her memory book. It is really positive that this work she has been doing as a class helper has gone so well, she learnt everything she could and really paid attention to each child’s individual personality’s and has nothing but praise for each of them she really is going to miss them.


So after the meeting for Niki’s yearly Ehcp review, i have yet to give my section in as originally the meeting was meant to happen for another week , i spoke to her old school who are sorting the review and asked them to give me to after the holidays to get the form to them.

There are 2 reasons for this first this one i think is the most important review because in June she is officially off the role of the specialist school and completely on mainstream college role

and i want to make sure Niki is protected education wise and job wise going forward as part of her childcare course she has to do more placements i know she will be awesome at it because of her dedication to the students she has worked with

and her genuine love and care for them.

Second reason is that her medical results are in and she will be starting new medicine soon for her PCSO , it is after all an education and health care plan. Today i went to doctors and asked if it was possible to pre book an appointment so Niki can ask the questions about her results and discuss the benefits of this medicine for her before she starts them. because she has anxiety and autism this will make it easier for her to be relaxed and be able to speak for herself to the doctor this is really an important part of independent skills, but also will make a difference to what i put as a Mum on Niki’s Ehcp.

I dont want to get this bit wrong so Now i dont have the school runs to do can really take my time to think what she needs, and wants.


Jake has progressed well at school this term and his recent school report and grades are showing he is more settled and reaching his targets and goals. so a fantastic end to this term.

He also has finished the little extra course he was doing which was learning about our towns open house, and homeless. this little group work they made sold cakes and raised £70 then went shopping for things for the open house one group used some of the money to by chocolates and treats , Jake and his work partner choose, coffee, tea, milk , sanitary towels, so nice that our young lads thought of what the lady`s might need.

Jake also got some flowers he though it might cheer them up at the open house, he likes it a lot when when have them on our table to look at, he finds then cheerful.
Jake had the day off today think it was teachers Training or something like that so he spent the day fishing with His Granddad no catches for ever of them today but they still enjoyed each others company.


Work tonight has been so good the kids well behaved , Hayley also has her set routine on a Friday and her programs she likes to watch, Little Tom was great at communicating which books he wanted me to read tonight hitting the ones he didn’t want out of my hand and laughing at the ones he did want i am not surprised by the ones he choose they seem to be his favourite.

Tom had a Seizure about 25 seconds of hand twitching and eyes rolling but he was already laying in a safe place on his side so not much you can do but talk and tell him its OK. He has been having them a little more which everyone is monitoring, sometimes it means his meds need looking at again. thankfully only the one tonight though, he went straight back to sleep after.


Hayley has her set routines on a Friday one weekend at mine and when i have the kids i look after them all at my dads bigger space to fit us all, she likes to watch her favourite programs and to be around the children and help. this is what works for all of us my Niki and Jake stay at home with there Dad.

That’s all for tonight have a great night

All my love Faye xx

Jake and Granddad let the fishing begin
Holly logging in to class website to do some challenges
Tommy Grabbing hold of me for a hug while reading to him
Hayley by love safe in local mall
Even Elves have a date night