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Before Diagnosis part 1 the beginning

Now this is a bit thought provoking for me to talk about and share, and although I have moved on from this area of our lives it still holds the best and worse memories for me.

So maybe I am taking you on this journey to the very beginning of my journey to motherhood.

Nineteen years old ready to be a mama for the first time very easy pregnancy enjoying all the firsts of feeling a baby move, seeing your baby on a scan, hearing the very first heartbeat of a new life, the best feeling in the world, watching your tummy grow.

Sharing the experience with the other person who help create this tiny little miracle, it is the one thing growing up I wanted to be above everything else, obviously after becoming a wife.

Well in our case Josh didn’t want to wait till we were married. The planning and buying the first outfits nappies and all the equipment you could possibly think you need for such a tiny little being.

The only bad thing about the pregnancy was the morning sickness that seemed to come at night instead.

But I was lucky to have a better other half who was attentive and always new what I needed, someone so intune with my every expression and emotions, always making me laugh.

The best medicine is laughter.

Baby no 1 Josh

Born 2 weeks late I had to be induced, he was morning than happy where he was. Holding him for the first time we had a name planned that changed the moment I set eyes on him I said to my husband with tears rolling down my face “it’s Joshua ” the perfect name for him although over time he has become Joshy, and now Josh.

He was so handsome we were so in love with our new baby, things were going well to start with untill he just got sick he wouldn’t feed was losing weight and began projectile vomiting sort of like that excosist clip, the doctors came out and said it was a bug but after a couple of hours like that we new it wasn’t just a bug.

We ended up phoning the hospital where he was admitted for tests,

The doctor bending his tiny little hand trying to get bloods but couldn’t then in walks a nurse who told the doctors to let her try. She got it in the first attempt, she then looked at me and said “I though I had seen the last of you I was your nurse when you were a kid” I have no recollection of being in hospital when I was a kid but I have been assured it was quite often.

Diagnosis pyloric stenosis

Apparently it is something that happens in first born boys sometimes.

Or that is what they told us a narrowing of the feeding tube, that needed emergency surgery. No wonder he cried he was literally staving. The operation was a complete success and he was brought back to us but wasn’t allowed to have milk for at least 12 hours. I hadn’t slept so my hubby made me get some sleep while he walk up and down the corridor with our hunger son screaming for food. It got to about four in the morning when the nurse took over he still had till 8am to wait for feeding.

It was heart breaking I couldn’t feed him myself any more because the milk had gone in that long 7day weight . Still it got to 6am and the doctors said to feed him now, my hubby woke me and passed him to me and a bottle of milk the room was in total silence and then that sound of this tiny baby gulping his milk you could here it hit the bottom of his tummy it really was that loud then we waited to see if he was sick again. He wasn’t in fact doctors were so pleased we were discharged the next day.

Josh steadily put on weight and hit all his milestones was such an easy happy little boy.

The next year and a half me and my hubby married. And just enjoyed being first time parents.

This is the first part of our story not a part of our book though, just a part of our life as a family.

Many thanks

Much love Faye xx

He loved chocolate pudding as you can see