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Hi all how’s today been for you,

Valentines Day

I know there is a lot of people out there that maybe don’t see it the same way as me, to commercial for some, not in a relationship for others, just getting together or planning that special romantic proposal.

Some spend it alone or with the ones they Love.

I’m my life time it has been a little of all the above, that was of course untill I met my Nik, he showed me what it was to really enjoy these special moments.

I am not saying I didn’t know these things before him, but was never really treated or valued the way he valued me , I guess that is a huge reason we married and of course he has my heart and soul.

You will probally see from my posts over the last year there are certain times that hold the most meaning to us, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, valentine’s little achievements our kids make.

Have things changed in the 25 years we have been together yes beyond compare really some for the good some, not so good, but 25 years is alot if life’s ups and downs.

Tonight just reminded me so much of when life was less complicated, and then I sat there thinking no matter what, comes our way we always end up both making these times special not only for us but the kids too, because neither of us would be happy truly without those moments where it is us sitting at the table me listening him talking and sharing, his stories and memories,

The more I listen and just look the more he shares,

The kids loved today aswell.

The one thing I want my kids to know and take with them in life is it takes two to make something special, I want my son’s to learn it is ok for them to enjoy seeing flowers on the table and like them as gifts, my daughter to be strong and loving and to make her own memories that will make her feel what I feel , with her own man.

I could write so much but I am tired now.

Good night

Love Faye xx