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Hi what can i say about this week, It has truly been the most fantastic week, Jake turning fourteen, he is changing and growing so quickly, i want to saviour every moment of it.

Before my eyes he is turning into this wonderful young man, much the same as his older brother but in his own sweet way, he is going from strength to strength. His own opinions on life and so many other things is developing so well, he is developing his own perspective and really seems to understand more than he is sometimes given credit for.

We had a lovely quite weekend, the only down side was the fact my hubby and i seem to have caught the bug that Jake had earlier in the week, which did mean we had to push through it to make it still as special, my hubby more affected then me i guess the flu shot i had meant i didn’t get it too bad.

It was lovely having Josh here for the weekend, He took Jake out for a couple of hours and choose his present with him, the legends of Zelda game. Josh also got Niki a Scandinavian health book with some great vegetarian recipes that will certainly make my job easier making meals for her. He also got her a frog for her collection. Josh is an awesome son and big brother his bond with them is so beautiful to see and they look up to him.

The week ahead and Book

Monday i will be contacting the liquidators as the promised minuets of the meeting and digital copy never came.

This is the third time now, they said them acting on behalf of the publishers was not a conflict of interest but i am beginning to have huge doubts about that.

On a more positive note i have booked myself on another author event in April UK southern book show and am just waiting for conformation of the place so will be able to add details real soon, there is even a possibility of speaking at the event, not something i have done before but feel ready to take that next step if i am choose.

I do think as an author even if you hit blocks you have to show perseverance and belief in your work, be dedicated to get your work out there and seen by others noone can read it if they done here about it first.

Next challenge Jake’s booster Jabs

We have mastered blood tests, dentists visits, this is his next big challenge, we got the forms from school and he is already asking for magic cream or spray, i dont even no if thats possible for jabs. we have talked about it and think it is best if we go to the doctors to get them done and not have them at school, it is one thing having anxiety of it in a doctors but another thing to do it in front of your peers.

Any way i will work it out hopefully we can get it done and out the way quickly for all our sake’s.

I forgot to mention it is Niki’s boyfriend Tom’s 21 today they have been chatting online all day, he is in Holland with his family.

Have a beautiful week ahead.

all my love Faye xx


Boys will be Boys

me and my Josh
Birthday dinner No 2
They are locked on to Tec
Family photo we need a bigger sofa