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Hello how are you today,

Being a carer you sometimes have to put yourself first in order to be able to be a better carer, I sometimes am not good at this but , there are times I no I need to let my hair down go out and have a little fun, I love going out and having a good old sing song always puts in in great spirits recharges my energy, last night was one of those nights , Niki and Hayley my dad and niece came too, I love seeing them all up there singing there hearts out (not my dad though haven’t got him up there YET I am working on it though.)

I have heard him sing a couple of times when he thinks noone here’s ๐Ÿ˜

Being able to put on a dress and not just jeans and baggy jumpers. Like mum wear ones you don’t mind sticky fingers prints or general kids mess on.

Hayley got her grove on and was in a extremely Happy mood last night, I think now her new menu is done a she has her little goal to work to she is more relaxed.

I like the fact my Niki is old enough to come with me now as well although last night some guy put an ice cube down the back of my dress while I was singing, it didn’t bother me I know it was harmless, and I kept on singing , Niki didn’t like it and said really loudly you don’t touch people’s mums bless her she is so protective of me, it isn’t just parents that get over protective sometimes kids do too.

I am just so chilled today.๐Ÿ˜


Our oldest son is home for the weekend we are having another birthday get together, only this time with Jake’s big brother here. He was working on his actual birthday.


Today is the day the liquidators said we should get the minutes and digital copy, I will give them till 2if they don’t get in touch I will call again.

Hopefully tonight I will have all I need to get to work again.

Have a beautiful day

Love Faye xx