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A big Thank you

Hi everyone first of all i would love to say thank you to all those who follow and visit and engage with me. It is such a pleasure to continue to meet and engage with new people.

I love reading your posts and work, they keep me company when i cant sleep, or just want to relax, reading and writing is the new cool in our home, stepping out of the comfy of what we are used to, it is no longer hesitant or with anxiety but with a new found respect for life, and all it has to offer.

Our life for many years filled with negative feed back, due to the autism and anxiety, it should never have been that way. But it was on more occasions then i would like to remember.

what i have found out is there are more genuine kind people in this world then, then feedback would have you believe. It has really impacted our life and changed it in to a more relaxed kind of life more enriched and rewarding.


Jake had such a fabulous birthday this year, so many lovely messages from all over the world it made him feel very special, we had a lovely time for his birthday dinner and he really loved all of his gifts, but what he loved the most was spending time with his Family,

I have been working on putting all the messages and birthday photos and cards into a memory book for him, i hope to have it finished by Monday, as we still have a little celebration this weekend when his big brother Josh comes home for the weekend. we cant wait to see him we all miss him a lot when he is not here , the joys of grown up kids.

Birthday cake made mummy style no Jam
Niki helped make a poster
All ready by Midnight
Birthday boy
Reading his cards
The joke present
The present that he has already completed
Always a musical instrument, music is important to us
waking up late oh dear
really mum it’s to early
what can i say we are a bit batty
Hayley not wanting to be left out of pics
happy Nan and Granddad came, Granddad a little camera shy


I have been working with hayley today, she again has been practising her numbers, she was helping put together Jake’s memory book.

but the most important work today was re working Hayley’s menu, the old one has stopped being affective in keeping her at her ideal weight so needed changing up, she did really well with giving her impute and i think she now is really focusing on losing the little bit of weight she has put on since this time last year, this is our main focus of work together over the next couple of months as well as continuing to help her express her feelings and know what is a good choise or bad choice.

The biggest part of it because of her prader willi syndrome is learning to say no when people offer her wrong choices and increasing her water intake.

Hayley holding her new menu’s she worked on with me

many thanks have a good evening

Love Faye xx