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Hi all how has your day been?

Falling over in public ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Yes that was me today, I was food shopping with Hayley and Niki when I just passed this fridge section, fell on me my knee, Niki was looking for where I went , “hello I am down here”

My knee wasn’t to badly hurt but it made my hip hurt for a while. It is better this evening though.

We finished the shopping Niki said mum I shouldn’t laugh but it was like one of the cartoon moments when you slip on a banana.

Got home with about 20 minutes to spare just enough time to get Jake to kungfu school, he did great today.

After I picked my dad up from shopping and dropped him and Hayley home. Before returning home to my house and getting cleaned up before work.

Got all the ironing done and everyone fed before the girls arrived for the night.

Fun night’s work

We had so much fun the girls spent some time with Niki and Jake tonight Holly and Niki making unicorn book marks out of hammer beads, while Ellie and I looked at my dresses in my wardrobe while having a chat about how she wants to choose things to wear that suit her. I got a little sense of her personal taste and have talked about what is good for her age and what is not so good. She is such a lovely girl and really pretty, and smart. I want others to treat her with respect value her for smile and brains and not how she looks.


She came with makeup a little to heavy which she took off after mum and dad left. Then I talked to her about the right time to where different types, the really heavy stuff should be for party’s and if she must where some just some lighter almost not there colours, which a much more suitible for her age. To show her how those darker shades actually look I let her do my makeup how she would normally where it. Then we took pictures.

It was nice giving her one on one time, I think some time it is hard for her being an older sister to a child with disabilities and a younger sister she loves her brother and sisters alot.

She also loves her big sister next and misses her too.

That’s been my day, the girls are asleep Jake is in his room sleep I hope comes soon for him, and Niki is the same not asleep yet.

Me I can finally put my feet up for the night, and wait untill my kids sleep too.


Holly wants to have tracking tags put on the elves because she said Thier very special like me , how sweet is that, she was telling me all about school and that she is learning about Pompeii, and division witch she loves.

She talks about how she wants to play with some kids at school but they won’t play with her, and that her teachers are sorting it out for her.

Never underestimate the power of bringing toys into help kids talk about emotions it really does work, it doesn’t have to be Elves it could be something they are personally interested in.

Have a beautiful evening all.

All my love

Faye xxx

As you can see lots of fun,story time jokes, songs and long talks about all sorts of things.