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Hi all how has your day been?

Not much snow here at this present time, although a few small flurries.

Hayley and the appointment with her nurse.

Hayley had her yearly check up today when really well, we discussed her blood test results we will be having more done in middle of Feb, vitamin d , bone density because of the 2 broken wrists she had earlier in the year, and a check on her liver again Hayley doesn’t drink Amy alcohol because of her epilepsy meds. Blood pressure is good heart good.

Having Willi prader is hard for her to keep weight down because she gets hungry sometimes and if someone offers her food she will say yes she has put on a little weight, about 9 pounds, so we are going to re-work her set menus and when we have her review at day centre make sure she is not eating what she is not supost to eat.

I have had a good long chat to her about it and she is going to help with the menu, learn to say no to others when they offer, good in practise but not in reality because she can be sneaky with food. I thought she may have tried to sneak food this evening because she was making a cup of tea but for some reason had her bag with her not something she usually does.

Change for Hayley is hard and she can get very angry over food. Still she is noticing she has to make better choices.

She is learning to save some money at the moment. Which is good.

Jake’s birthday is on the 5th

Jake will be fourteen of the 5th of February , We got him presents sorted and I will be making his cake this weekend his theme he chose is marine biology so any thing to do with that.

His Like for all types of sea creatures started quite early but became his want as a future career when he was in year 6 at middle school.

He had a real lovely teacher, she sent him a letter introducing herself and told him a little bit about her favourite things she liked and that was sea life animal like Turtles.

So we went to see some and then did this whole project to carry in on the first day back, he loves doing creative projects. It was the first time a teacher understood his school anxiety.

She would also give him little writting projects to do, he used to leave little challenges for her to answer in his books.

That year Jake had a lot of school refusal and very bad sensory issues. It was one of his most difficult times.

How far he has come since then is so huge.

Niki voulenteering at her old school

This has boosted her confidence so much, she is able to connect well with the students because she has a deep understanding of what it is like to be them.

She has been getting us all to join in with her Tick Tocks videos she loves doing them to her surprise even her dad joined in. Made me smile so much.


I love working with little Tom just like he likes coming to stay with me. Bless him he face timed me tonight and was so happy and he was laughing. I asked him if he missed Emo his little face lit up when I popped Emo’s face on the screen.

Tomorrow I am looking after his sister’s for the night so that means lots of fun.

The week is ending

It has been a long week with many appointments to get through. It gets a little tiring sometimes so I have a lot to do this weekend to get our home ready for Jake’s birthday his Nan is coming down for a couple of days weather permitting.

It will be great to spend time with mum again.


I can’t remember if I spoke about the

again, but we spoke again yesterday to liquidators they are now saying the minors and digital version should be ready by next Friday, I am hoping they stick to thier word this time.

That’s all for tonight hope you have a peaceful rest and feel refreshed for the weekend.

It’s a month for birthday’s here

It is not only Jake’s , but my great nephew Little Pat and his big sister my great Neice Rose, they are the politest sweetest children ever. They are also very cute ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—

Many thanks

Faye xx