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Hi all, it has been one of them days you wish the news you got was good.

Niki had her appointment today and the diagnosis was confirmed pcso I think this is one I have been dreading the most, like many before the anticipation of noing but not officially not Infront of your eyes in black and white not words you can take back.

As a Mother and a female this is a hard thing to have to tell your 18 year daughter, how much it will affect her well we are doing everything we can to minimize the affect, and my daughter may be autistic but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want children of her own one day, and is more than capable of being an awesome mum when the times right.

As if she hasn’t been through enough already, seeing her so upset really broke my heart noing I can’t control this diagnosis or take it away.

She is already making the changes to her diet and excersize’s every day, so this will hopefully keep her in the safe zone as far as weight goes, she came out of the doctors room ok, the doctor wants to check her adrenal function before starting treatment, we went to have it done and were told it can’t be done till the morning, she appeared on till then. Then the process of what the doctor had said set in, she was crying asking why her why does she have all these things, you know I am glad she was able to realease all that emotions, I have been waiting for it since we first got the news about the pcso diagnosis. The treatment they are talking about is the combined pill and Metformin. But before she can go on the combined pill because of a large family history of blood clots we have to make sure it is safe for her to use. I know my daughter is strong and can handle this but she is also a young who is autistic, who does also have tourettes, generalised anxiety and is prone to depression. Life seems some how very unfair to her.

If I could have it instead of her I would . But I can’t all I can do is talk openly and stand through this difficult time and make sure she has an informed and explained fully to her not to me , but to her everything she needs to know to a way she processes it.

Right now this is how I am dealing with by writting, I know a loss of a child and I know what it feels like as a woman when ferlity and having children comes into question. This is something the doctors didn’t go into today as they still have to rule a few other things out first.

Now is time for her to take her time to let it sink in and weight for results to come back, in her own time is the important thing now.

I told her never give up hope for everything she wants in life. Never tell yourself you can’t

Many thanks

Much love


This is our life and many of Niki’s diagnosis have been invisible till now.

Now they are not we can work with that.๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—