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Good morning hope your weekend was lovely , ours was very quite and relaxing,


Jake was a star and got all his homework done by Saturday such a big improvement in his engagement to the homework process.

He does still have issues not with the work itself but with how the questions are asked, he sometimes says they make no sense.

There is a new school app we have all started using as teachers, parents and kids, I like it so far and so much easier to access then privous ones. The thing I like the most is the positive points system now instead of little or negative feed back Jake gets to see what positive point he has earned.

18 points for achievements, 11 for respect, 4 for persiverance a 2 for self confidence. Thinking about it like that and seeing no detentions or negative points is really good for building his self-esteem back to where it should be. This is all of the things he also learns at kung fu so, having that in his life has really helped as well both can lead to a different mindset.


Niki is doing well at college she has mocks at the moment for maths, and she is trying hard hopefully the exam anxiety won’t be to strong and knock her confidence. She also has her new specialist appointment at the hospital tomorrow.

Phone calls from school

We had a phone call this morning Jake has been complaining about his tummy again, it has been cramping on and off for a couple of weeks, I just think it is the same issues he always has with them. So just monitoring it at the moment, they wanted to know if Jake should come home, when these situation occured before I would rush and pic him up, but today I want him to persevere as long as possible.

He has been saying he is feeling more stressed then usual at school so maybe his anxiety is making it flare up again. I shall see but the chances are we will get another phone call to pick him up In an hour. I would be pretty surprised if we don’t.

Trying new foods

Every day we try to encourage Jake and Niki to try new foods Niki pretty much each well but as a vegatarian.

Jake’s still extremely selective but we have about 10 different things in a day. Yesterday we introduced Yorkshire pudding and corn on the cob , he did eat half the Yorkshire pudding. The sweetcorn is another thing entirely both these new things were on a separate plate, to his good foods and safe list, we could see he really did want to try but he kept staring and thinking of reason why he wouldn’t like it, this time and we have tried many times before he did sink his teeth in, it made him gag, then we new it was a no go it is the juices, smell and texture. His brain told him he wouldn’t like it then he thought it his body reacted then it again told him he can’t , eating disorders come in Many forms getting over them is not so easy. When it’s controlled by the mind.


Still nothing to share yet still waiting to here back, Something, anything I can work with.

I am ready to go when I get it back, ready to do all the hard work,

In Getting it back out there like it was before the publishers liquidated it is horrible to see everywhere starting to say not available, I still remember the first Google search I did and it showed up on many website I will ,never forget it was 3am in the morning I was on a night shift all the children were asleep, I saw it and the first person I wanted to tell was my husband poor thing I woke him up squealing excitedly down the phone.

Still that is all for now.

Have a great Monday ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’—

All my love

Faye xx