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Hello everyone, I hope your day has been a great one and not full of to many challenges for you.

Today has been good for us here, so to make it a little easier for you to read I will put a little header, in real life I have a huge tendency to change topic really quickly when I am talking, and unfortunately it sometimes transfers to my writing an annoying thing I know my husband is not afraid to tell me this, much to my annoyance, after not so subtly stomping off mumbling under my breath really unkind things.

I know I come over a little sickly sweet sometimes but I am human and have my own imperfect habits which I own.

Part of the reason I still procrastinate over doing some video blogs or updates is because I waffle, and get distracted easily. I also have a lot of nervous energy so fidget with my hair, hands or anything on the table in front of me.

I have spilt my coffee many times over forms I have had to fill in, that took me ages. Really I should apologise to all the people that had to receive time sensitive forms with coffee stains ground in.

Emo the Emotional Elf

I received the legal deposit receipt from the British library yesterday, from the publishers. I was beginning to think it would happen and very happy that it has, thinking about framing it.

Sharing the news first with Hayley was as great she may not understand things like most people because of her learning disability but she jumped up and down and what our Emo book, she is one of my biggest supporters she tells everyone about the book.

Next was Jake waiting at the school with letter in my hand, he came over to me as he always does before afternoon tutor and ask what I was holding, I tried to get him to wait till after the end of school but he was intrigued to see what it was, he looked at it and the biggest smile came on his face.

Niki was next she was happy too; I love to share these positive things.


Research is ongoing while we are trying to come to an agreement and solution with the liquidators.

Researching the best editors, typesetters, agents

Illustrator’s, and programs used.

Book shops both online and off, avenues to take your book to events or talking at events for authors.

Being an author is a huge responsibility especially I think in children’s books, as an author you have the ability to bring something special to a child.

Whether a book is fiction or non-fiction books can have a lifelong imprint on a child’s life.

I learnt to read using the ladybird books Peter and Jane and although they were illustration`s  and not photos like my book there was this real life feel to them that I could relate to which made it easier to read.

So you see being an author is different to just writing a book it is much more every day you learn a little bit more, every day you become more accepting of yourself as an author. More confident in your sense of self more understanding of where you fit into the millions of other authors out there.

You get as far on the journey as your willing to allow yourself, because we are our own worst critics sometimes and our own achievement.

Where it takes you is your responsibility first and four most. Whatever way you go self-publish, partnership publishing or traditional the people you meet on the journey , will bring you joy, frustrate you and yes sometimes make you angry but ultimately they will push you to enhance your work

And make your book the best version it can be and that is what will sell you as an author and copies of your book.


I have also taken my writing in another direction as well reviewing places I have visited and giving honest accounts, of the experience. Yes some excellent reviews, some ok reviews and some not so good reviews.  Just like I would expect for my book also not everyone is going to like it is important is important in any business.

It really depends on whether I enjoyed it or not, being a Carer, and a mother of kids who are autistic going out and about can bring many challenges it has to be accessible, I look for a great shopping experience and good interaction with staff. Clearly displayed pricing, good quality and value for money. I try to go at quieter times if Niki and Jake are with me so my experience while fending off any issues or anxiety’s the children may have can be sorted quickly this means not huge crowds or long ques to have to deal with.

Online presence as well as offline

Two Years ago I was just about able to search google and upload to Facebook, that was the extent of my knowledge oh and maybe buying things online.

Now I have LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram Twitter personal family and friends Facebook and very soon an up and running author page there too.

I have set up author pages on the five main amazon author central UK, Us, Japan, Germany and France.

I have gained many acquaintances both professionally and personally and I have made some very beautiful friendships.

I have had amazing uplifting support and a lot of love along the way, help by pointing me in the right direction as far as internet site building.

I did that myself, it may have some way to go but still it is so Much further then when I started. Learning is always ongoing

Most importantly I have become who I am meant to be a smart, confident, healthy woman, mother and wife.

We have a new Elf who arrived today he is called Alfie he comes with a big smiley face and sunny disposition.

Many thanks

Much love Faye