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Hi all, today’s update is somewhat highlighting the issues I still seem to have with my writing, it is still a huge area of weakness for me and is not done on purpose.

It is a huge part of my hidden disadvantage of understanding the nuances of spelling, grammar and punctuation. Although I have come a long way since I first started to write my book, I still have a long way to go to grasp the technicalities of writing.

I wrote a review for my author friend and fellow mother Heather Golding and when I first published it my husband told me to go back and edit it because I was doing Heather and myself a disserves by not reading it through before posting. He was Right on this

So I went back and edited it thinking I edited it the right way then I re-posted my edited version. I was not right and maybe this is where my biggest challenge arises. When I look at the words I write I seem to be blinded by how it looks to me, and the way my brain processes the written word.

But also because I tend to write with my heart instead of my brain and the two are not necessarily on the same page at the same time.

I had the same issues when I was at school where my teacher’s would say Faye try’s her best but needs to work harder on her punctuation, spelling and presentation.

Today having seen Heather kindly uploading my review of her book on her LinkedIn profile, and reading it through, she had made some changes to the edit, my words and review but adding brackets to where she changed it to what it was supposed to be. Heather has done something for me that no-one except the editor of my book has done, and shown me where the mistakes are, and not left me to try and figure it out for myself  which sometimes is impossible and I just don’t know why.

But she was too kind and having put her changes in brackets, I highlighted her changes in red.

I went over my originally published post and put in blue brackets, the ones she quietly changed. I can now see where I am going wrong, I am hoping if I keep re-reading this post it will help my brain finally grasp the same silly mistakes I keep making and actually not do them again.

I am a published author that won’t change, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to learn to overcome my writing disability and I won`t give up however long it takes. I am dedicated to my book as I am too my work as a carer or my husband and children.

The very reason for writing the book in the first place was to show my kids that despite them being autistic and having anxiety and other issues they can, keep trying  however many times to get to where they want to be in life.

So it is with great respect to Heather and to me that I am willing to put my errors on show for all to see. In order to make me a better author, writer.

Because the colour change has helped a lot and seeing it like this at first made me angry at myself for just not understanding why I keep getting the things wrong that many kids including mine have understood at an early age.

There may or may not be some mistakes in what I have written just now but I can`t see them at the moment.

Here is the edited version, of my book review, for Heather.

Now as I upload this from Microsoft word to my WordPress it doesn’t seem to allow for the colour change so you will see the entire mistake in brackets the ones Heather herself highlighted and the ones I highlighted that she didn’t .

Book review: “Autism On the Frontline” by Faye Farmer…

“So, having completely (emenced) (immersed) myself in Heather Golding’s book and story.

Which I must say is heart wrenching, honest and true of her journey with her(e) family and what little Mat(t)hew and his sister herself and her husband Hank has had to endure, (.) in (T)their lifetime.

I see many similarities between our (families) family’s journey and (ours) yours. I see and feel and understand it, (100 per cent!)

Everything she thinks and feels (,) many families with children, who are autistic, (have also felt) whether diagnosed very early or had to wait slightly longer for a diagnosis (,) – and in our case: when my kids were in double digits and entering (their) Pre-teens and teenage years.

There is one thing that stands out moss across the world that happens (their) there, as well as over this side of the pond.

(There is) still a huge lack of understanding from (an) education (and) healthcare system (,) but also a

 much (-)needed financial support families rely on,(bit) but have to prove they are not scamming (the system) to receive.

It is shocking (the amount of) paperwork (;) the moving from school to school (;) from one specialist to another. This is loud and clear in Heather’s well (-) written and articulate book.

All the emotions she felt is the same as adults, (and children) who are autistic and their families.

My children are verbal and have learnt to talk about

(T) their own feelings and I hope that one day Mat(t)hew finds his voice in whatever form of communication he is able to achieve. I would highly recommend Heather’s book, because hearing (the) voices, of parent’s that speak up for their non (-) verbal kids, as well as hearing the voices of the who are verbal (is an) important part of understanding (the) their needs, so they can be better met for the children as early as possible (.a) A mother’s instinct about their children (,) is important. The fact to where they (are) got at the end of the book, speaks volumes about that.

(But) don’t take my word for it(,)take a chance(-)get the book for yourself and just read it (it) is that simple.(,) (m)Many people judge, stare, comment and make assumptions about autistic individuals and their families, without being prepared to put themselves in their shoes.

Heather I really respect you for feeling what you(feel) (felt) honestly writing it and sharing it, and getting up each day, for the sake of your family.

(ally) All my love and best wishes.

(I) look forward to reading the next stage in your journey and how Matthew is seeing the world”-(through his eyes-but through your eyes- a mother’s eyes) xx

Written by Faye Kerry Famer- 16 January 2019

Re- transcribed and slightly corrected the spelling or edited in any missing words (in brackets) by Heather Golding- Author 21 January 2019

Many thanks.

Much love Faye