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Hi all, how has your weekend been.

Peaceful? adventurous? A working weekend or full of relaxation.

What about your family have they driven you mad, made you laugh, or been quite, life is full of many surprises some good some outstanding some mediocre and some bad. This I think is true where ever you are from this is all part of everyday family life.

Doesn’t mean you don’t love or like them, it’s because you do that they effect you either way.

I have had a beautiful weekend with my family lots of smiles, laughs.

Today they all were being responsible , showers, rooms tidy, homework completed this is not always the case but today it happened without prompts without mums nagging, or mum going on strike😀

Without dad backing mum up with reminders.

My sweetheart 💗

My hubby has been sharing some funny posts with me today, about time is all I can say.

I am fully ready for the school week ahead, uniforms pressed, bags sorted. Again this is not always the case sometimes I say I will get up early and get it ready, that always leads to me sleeping through the alarm and being in a mad rush. Hasn’t happened alot lately because I am miss organised more often then not. Biggest adventure I had this weekend was singing at the top of my voice while completing my ironing😀 pretending I was at a luxury spar. I have had fun though spending time with Nik and the kids , I have even seen my hubby’s

Lips curl up into a smile alot this weekend always a pleasure to see.

His reminder to Jake to thank me for dinner had me laughing when Jake said I haven’t heard you say thank you either. Out of the mouths of our kids, it is kind of ironic that that use our words on us.

Jake found his maths home work a bit of a challenge he did attempt it even though he thinks he has not be taught how to do that perticular thing in maths yet. We told him to speak to his teacher about it if he doesn’t understand, this I think is where a little of Jake’s issue lie, in that if he hasn’t learnt something that he has been set homework for he has difficulty understanding why it has been set as homework . He prefers a sheet of paper for homework then doing it online.

Niki has been talking to her Tom, and being creative. I love watching and looking at some of the amazing things she creates.

I now have put my feet up and am sharing the front room with Nik watching movies. Although I am not watching much of it but just enjoy his company.

The biggest lesson I learn is when they annoy you say nothing, it is good for your sanity and they least expect that reaction. Plus it can’t be your fault when it goes wrong them.

Sometimes we make situations worse my by trying to get others calm, it comes from a great place of helping but does nothing to stop situations excalating. I can’t believe that I am at this point now of such calm and relaxed sense of who I am. I am beginning to see the humorous behind some of the the worst times and that’s not a bad thing but it shows those times don’t affect me like they used too.

I am so ready for the good moments to happen more, for my kids and my hubby and me. And all my family we certainly giving it a great try.

Tonight I smile while I write, if you could see the facial expressions that my hubby sees you would probally laugh he keeps asking if I am ok.


What’s your favourite type to listen too while you do the jobs around the house? I have a wide range of tastes as far as music goes except not to teenage clubby type, they give me a headache, my kids are the same as they were brought up with a dad who was a DJ so they have wide tastes to.

Jake at the moment loves Josh Groben

But also some deeper meaning ones too.

Anyway that’s it my mind is empty for another night.

May you sleep be peaceful

All my love


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