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Hi all, how’s your day been.

Morning routine work

Congratulations off a Nightshift there is that point you get tired but muster the high energy you need, always easy when you have happy smiley faces to greet.

The kids work up later today so a quick well planned rush to get them ready to go home the girls got themselves ready, Tom his cerebral palsy means he needs that doing for him, he was his usual cheeky self, laughing while I tried to get his trousers on. A little massage soon has his legs loosened up. Then to get his tops on while he is trying to get my glasses, I must remember to tie my hair back as he really likes to grab it. I then get him to his wheel chair ready for meds and breakfast, and he is even more mischievous and makes his leg go stiff he doesn’t want to sit in there it’s a little game he plays, note his personality he is such a sweet happy funny boy, he really melts my heart his eye communication has come so much this last year .

I get him in his wheel chair and his actually banging his hand on the table he wants his milk shake,” I say are you telling me to hurry up” as clear as anything he says “yeah” first to peg feed him his meds followed by his special milkshakes he has these as an add on to his diet as he is not always able to eat his food. He is very chesty today so before he eats his food I give him some of his Inhayler and manage to get alot of stuff off his chest, this really helps before he eats and he doesn’t seem to choke or swallow his food while coughing.

Next we call the girls to come eat there breakfast they always get a choise Ellie going for chocolate cereal while holly loves her porridge. Tom decided to have porridge as well today. The girls are talking while eating looking up can we have milkshake, holly reminds us she is a big girl now and doesn’t where nappy pants, and she was dry. That is so great it has been a couple of weeks since she choose to try,

While the girls were Finnish I am giving Tom his porridge he has some meds that get mixed in so important we get some of his breakfast orally into him. He managed about half of it before he wouldn’t eat any more.

They are happy and cheeky laughing .

Tom always likes to watching a program after. We all rocked this morning routine only taking 30 mins.

Play time with Holly and Ellie before dad

and Toms other carer to pick them up. Relay the things about the might for hand over to other carer.

Another fab shift.

Home Time

Back at home begin the routine again only with my kids Jake is still asleep, my hubby slowly stirring, Niki had a delivery I take it to her she is so happy, the outfit Tom brought her for Christmas that didn’t fit and had a few defects, has arrived i must admit she has been focused on it not being right since Christmas anime outfits have to look how they do, she loves acting out these characters. It fits perfect.

I really think this special interest is great for her anxiety, and her confidence maybe away masking and getting away from the everyday stresses, she can be someone else for a while. She has made some great friends through cosplay.

Jake and my hubby now awake, breakfast finnished.

My mum calls for a chat, she has been a little poorly but she just carries on regardless, stubburn to a fault as doctors did want to keep her on hospital after last appointment I don’t think they have any chance of getting her to stay , still she feels a bit better, this I a glad. I say goodbye to my mum.

The other phone goes it is my mother in-law phoning for a chat we have a nice little catch up, she has he plaster off her hand now and just needs to wait physio.

As I am talking to my mother in-law my mobile goes in the kitchen , It was my dad he has finished his shopping and needs a lift home, I grab a mouthfull of coffee before going to pick him and Hayley up. I drop them home and sit with Hayley while dad drops Holly’s iPod she forgot when she left this morning.

Home again. Homemade Dinner

Teaching Jake traditional Greek dish

It is now nearly 13.45pm, today I am teaching Jake to make a Greek dinner

Pastitsio I have perfected it now and know longer need the recipe, all the ingredients are layed out ready today we are making 2 of them the traditional one and a vegatarian using

Quorn mince and replacing the beef stock with vegtable stock, this is for Niki. Jake of course is getting used to cooking new foods but won’t eat it yet. Had a tiny bit of issue with smell but stayed and helped. It isn’t so hard to do to versions at the same time.

It takes about 40 minutes to prepare ready for the oven, and before the top layer of source is added we have to wait for dishwasher to Finnish so we can clean and have the space to make it. Seperated dishes go in the oven for about 30-40 mins untill slightly brown on top.

While In the oven I speak to my oldest Josh on the phone for a good chat, I love these little moments of being included I his life even though he lives a couple of hours away, I pass the phone to my hubby set the table for dinner before Jake comes and chops the Tomatoes , spinnish and cucumber, I do the onions and show him how to dress it with olive oil, white wine, vinegar, Origano, salt pepper, the Finnish touch a flower cut from lemon. The table is set with a selection of olives , Hallomi, and little green chillies, not to for get the crusty fresh bread.

The candles are lit soft soul music playing in the back ground.

I take the Pastitso out of the oven and place on side till it cools a little while I cook Jake’s mini waffles yes they have carrots in them. I plate up the Pastitso, add a sprig of pasley just to Finnish.

Now time to sit and eat it looks great smells great, the plates are emptied very quickly, Niki and Jake talking so nice at the table today, Niki even asked Jake to help her pour her drink which he did.

Sometimes over the years dinner time became a stressful time but slowly we are all learning to do it more often now Jake is learning to be around foods he doesn’t eat and with all the smells of the cooking.

They take Thier plates a d put them by the sink and go relax in thier rooms.

My hubby is full and watching a movie in the front to I load the dishwasher, and finally come out my feet up tiredness hits. I must of fell asleep for a short while.

Now I am awake this is the time I love to write the most, this is a little look I’m to a day of my life, on the go from from yesterday morning.

Have a beautiful evening

Much love Faye,