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Hi all how has your day been today,

Book news

Finally got through to the liquidators today, and promises to give minutes of meeting still not been pasted on to us, again they tried making us pay £100 for the digital copy and indesign. I know they said a few authors had payed for there’s and I feel sorry that they hold all our books to ranson in affect, the authors in a very desperate situation, there really should be so much more protection out Thier for authors in the event of liquidation.

First I don’t have £100 spare at the moment , I am Saving up for Jake’s school trip to Pompey next year, he really wants to go, hopefully his autism won’t be a reason he isn’t allowed. That is what happened with Niki’s school trip to Spain when she went to that mainstream. School they wouldn’t fund the support for the trip, she never went into Spanish again after that.

I can’t justify handing over £100 if I don’t have my digital copy or InDesign copy I’m my hands before any money is handed over , there is a saying once bitten twice shy.

Paying once and losing is bad enough , right now I don’t trust them to give me my book if I payed the money doesn’t make good business Sence to do that. I want it sorted quick so I can get moving with it, and part of me says what the heck just pay, bit there is a massive part of me that wants to stand up for all is authors and say this is not right we payed , you deliver what we payed for or refund us money. Every little tiny bit of my work on this book is out there except the book, the details of learning and setting up blogs and author pages , raising money to pay for the book, setting up the author signing. So much more , I always am dedicated to things I care about my family ,those I work with, my book.

I always like to go a little bit further, then expected it is just who I am.

Jake’s panic attack

Jake came home from school today and said he had a panic attack in class , home economics he said his helper didn’t show up either, and he usually has one for this perticular lesson. The reason for the panic is that he has learnt to make rolls and plated mini bread at school and it was something new he tried and liked and could eat, the teacher came over with poppy seeds he asked what they were and she proceeded to tip them on his bread, I don’t know how many times we have to mention Jake’s eating issues,.if his helper was there they would have known not to do that.

His Eating is still one step forward and two back, but at least he won’t give up I will follow up with a email to school to check why support was not there.

Tonight I work the children. All asleep soundly paper work is all done I like to keep a track of Tom’s progress .

We all played games together before settling for stories , Tom made 2 chooses both books about dogs. He laughed when he touched the ones he wanted.

Then the Mary Poppins song sent all three 2 sleep, where they have been for hours now, Tom wanted to hold my hand while he went to sleep his grip is getting so good now we practice this alot with him by putting things in his hands and seeing how long he can hold them.

This pretty much all for today, I Finnish at 10am . We I return home I then have to get Jake to his kungfu lesson by 11.00 before I can go home and rest😀💗