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Self help

This week is waiting to receive, the digital version so not much to update on the book front yet.

But now this is why I wrote the book on emotions and raise awareness for the things we do, our way of processing the things we go through and bringing stability and and safety to our children’s life for themselves and to help them live a forfilled and rewarding life regardless of the challenges they face.

Weekend relaxing

The weekends here are pretty laid back, catching up on things you don’t get time for in the week. I was suppose to be working Friday but my days for changed at really short notice, so instead was relaxing with my Family I still had Hayley Friday night as is usual just not the other children. But that’s changed to next Friday instead now.

Saturday saw us sitting in the front room watching Harry potter movies,

Changing Niki’s hair to black a d redoing her side shaves. End result looked great she is happy with it.

My husband was in charge of the cooking this weekend😀

Sunday Declutter

Sunday saw Niki and me carry on with decluttering her room we made so much progress on this, Niki is a bit of a collector and tends not to want to get rid of things, but her new positive attitude is continuing. 12 black sacks of things now sorted into three organise piles.

Rubbish, collecting but keeping, and charity shops. The room is more organised and easier for her to manage again.

Her wardrobe organised , into its different sections.

The thing with Niki is she writes things on paper and keeps them we found stuff she wrote when she was going through diagnosis, that were slightly hard to see. Suicide notes.

Whether at the time it was how she felt or just her way of communicating that she was struggling and needed more support is hard to know.

I am glad my kids now speak openly about how they are feeling, and knowing it is ok to talk even about those very hard things they feel sometime.

We definatley spoke to cahms about this at the time and the schools.

It is very hard as a parent to here your kids say things like this and feel helpless in the situation, but I guess we must have do e alot right because we managed to get ourselves through the worse of times to get to where we are now..

Having both me and my husband home and our full attention is really making a big difference.

Jake is still a little depressed this week, but is still keeping up with school, homework and finding things to laugh at.


We are seeing Niki making better chooses with her food at the moment, snacking less which means her dinner plates have been completely empty .

Niki’s eating is definatley ruled a lot by her anxiety, she is a lot more aware and is being more focused on this, she does need that extra pushing from us to keep it up.

Jake he is still a long way to go with his eating,there are 10 foods which he sticks to we can change the size and amount. First we continue to change he his favourite foods slightly which he is handling very well, changing the brand we give him sometimes gets results sometime times not.

That is how this weekend has been for us chilled relaxed but also extremely productive.

Unexpected late night visit.

Last night about 11pm we heard a quite knocking on the door, a young man can’t have been any older than 18-20 knocked on our door he was scared and said he was being chased by a group of men , apparently he was in the park with his friend and they got seperated, and cod he come In. And call a taxi, my husband asked him what happened but said we can’t let you in because we have kids here and we don’t know you.

But we asked him to stay where he was while we called him a cab, he was very reluctant when. We asked if we should call the police for him, he did not want us to, but said he just wanted to get home safe, while my hubby called a cab he asked if I would not shut my door but watching him while he checked if they were still there . I the just ran off.

We ended up calling police because we were concerned for his safety and we would want someone to help our kids if they were ever In That situation. Although they wouldn’t be out at that time of night in a park.

It was a very hard decision not to let him come in because you go into protective mode, but Niki and Jake have autism and anxiety and we couldn’t take that chance with Thier safety.

They were fixated on it for hours, Niki being on high alert want me to check the back gate incase someone else was hiding there Jake kept watching put the window, and finally falling a sleep in my room about 2am.

My kids always have this what if way of thinking as far as safety goes, what if this happens, these times reassurance and hugs, plus telling them it ok and safe.

The police came out to check it out not to our home but to the park they were there very quickly, we don’t know what happened to the lad but really hope he made it safely home and that he makes the choise not to put himself in danger again.

The kids were still talking about it this morning as I dropped them off for school so still on their minds.

This time last year if this happens Jake would have refused to go to school or not want to leave me.

But they did go and no phone calls either so that’s a very positive achievement.

This is life, and that’s ok

All my love to you all

Faye XX