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Where is home ? Is the answer in the story.

It was a dark and gloomy night, the rain was hitting the window, she was home alone, it was past midnight snuggled under the blanket on the reclining chair .

She was watching a horror movie, yes I know why would she do that alone, it was always something she did when her husband worked the night shift he always came home between 3 and 4 in the morning.

She became transfixed to the screen her eyes wide sitting on the edge of the seat when that music played, you know the kind of music she is talking about when something bad In the movie is about to happen, her hands clasped together her palms were wet, she let go of her own hand and grabbed the blanket to pull over her head to avoid seeing what was about to happen. To late she thought as it popped up quickly on the screen she jumped so high In the seat, her legs hitting the foot rest hard nearly knocking her off the chair, the credits roll leaving the movie on a cliff hanger, guess she will have to wait for the sequal to come on to find what happens.

Out of the courier of her eye she saw the flash of lighting flicker through her window, but that wasn’t all the light highlighted a shadowy figure.

She was momentarily paralysed with fear, her senses went into to over drive her body started to shake, her heart beating faster and stronger it felt like it was forcing it’s way out.

She switched the lamp beside her off plundging the room In to darkness, she was used to this growing up money was tight energy was conserved. The thing about watching a movie alone at night is when it ends and you switch off your hearing is so intuned with every tiny little noise. Just then a crack of thunder directly above sounded not a distant rumble but a loud pounding sound that vibrated the whole house, she jumps out of her skin, flash the lighting lights the sky again she looks up and sees the shadowy shape move towards the door the hair on the back of her neck prickels her skin covered In Goose bumps.

She runs quickly towards her front door and turns her key untill it won’t turn any more, she takes the chain as quietly as she can and pulls it into place, she moves which through the dark house towards the kitchen did she lock the back door, she can’t remember but something tells her to get there quickly.

She slowly reaches out and touches the handle it doesn’t budge. Thank goodness for that she thinks to herself , the neighbours over grown tree is moving and bending with the the strong wind making its long branches scrap against the window oh how that sound is really creepy in that moment her mind wanders back the the shadowy figure she saw. She tells herself her mind is playing tricks.

She gives herself a shake and heads over to put the kettle on, she picks it up In Her hand turns to fill it with water, places it back on the stand. She opens the draw to grab a spoon as she turns she look up at the window above the sink and there was no denying it 2 eyes were peering back at her, with one hand going great to her mouth to hold in a scream and her other hand fumbling in the draw for anything she can grab to protect herself with, this she says as her hand wraps around a rolling pin she isn’t going to stay here and find out if those eye and shadowy figure are going to get through the door she quickly runs up stairs to her room and hides under the covers on her bed rolling pin In Hand, not moving accept for her chest moving rapidly up and down with her breathing.

She is quite fear gripping her then she here’s it a booming voice calling through the letter box let me in my key won’t work , it was her husband he was home, she jumps out of bed runs downstairs takes the chain off the door and quickly turns the key she jumps into his arms hiding him tight she tells him about the eyes she saw in the back yard. He enters the house closes the door and puts his finger to his mouth motioning for her to be quite and stay where she was, he moves side way quickly and fast towards the back door picking a torch up on the way unlocks the door. Pushes quickly wide with his torch on he scans the the garden to make sure it’s clear, there is no one in sight.

He shits and locks the door telling her there was noone there.

He is tired it was busy at the club tonight he already worked the whole day at his other job.she pours him a drink, he is already in the front room by the time she carries the drink into the front room he is already asleep, curled up on the sofa to tired to walk up the stairs to thier room, she looks at him and smiles there is a tiny gap between her husband and the back of the sofa she creeps in to the space. His arm wrapping round her hold her tight to him. She breathed a deep sigh of relief. Then she relaxes in that split second time stops still the shackle of life, worries and fear gone. She feels free weightless calm. What do you think this means , well she said this right here is love, this right here is Home this moment this place these arms her soul is quite she very quickly falls asleep.

Our mind dictates how we react what we think, feel, how we move the fear is Thier to protect us from harm to alert us to danger, it is also Thier to face challenge and over come. This is a sequal that will repeat every weekend like a routine it scary thrilling and ends I. The best possible way

Whether this story is fact or fiction is purely up to those who read my work,

What do you think ?

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Love Faye xx