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Hi all, first I hope you have had a wonderful week,


Nik spoke to the liquidators yesterday reminding them they were suppose to get back to us Monday or Tuesday we were awaiting news.

We should receive the digital copy very soon and the Idesign copy a couple of weeks later so that is huge progress to being able to get this book back out there again.

I won’t celebrate or get to far ahead of myself till they are in my hands,

In the mean time I am researching all my options for the sale of it again luckily it is still being shown online.

There will be a ISBN change because obviously the one it has now is the registered to the publishers and not the book and as they are no longer trading this has too change.

Also I will be checking soon if the copy right has been added on the system yet. And will have to register any changes once they are done.

I am being open with this because it may help other new authors or people who want to be authors to know the realities that can happen and have back ups in place. (GET A LAWYER )

Before signing to about what would happen in event of company sieze trading, or going into liquidation.

When I was checking the book out online I noticed there was a UK version and an US version which was new hadn’t seen a US version before.

So was sure what the difference is till I looked it up. I am glad I am getting to have this new knowledge of all thing book related and marketing.

The next book should be a lot easier, and hopefully without the NEWBIE mistakes.

While I am waiting I have also been speaking to another author Heather Golding- Author she also write her’s and her families story Autism on the front line.

We are have sent each other our books to read and give each other feed back on.

So a sign copy with a special message is now making its way to Heather all the way down under to Australia.

My book will be judged purely on the book and not me as a person. It is very important to me to get feed back good or bad.

I wanted an opinion of another author on my book, I am really looking forward to reading hers and will gladly give her an honest review.

But also I would love actually autistic people to get a chance to read it and give there opinion aswell, it is just our families journey and in no way talks for any other autistic person I like them to talk about Thier journey and needs themselves . Each person is different and sees and feels things differently.

Books on my list to read

I am also going to get a copy of Spectrum Women actually autistic women’s voices. Thier perspective is an important thing so women and girls get Thier diagnosis too and because the diagnosis is still very much aimed at how boys display . As a mother with a daughter as well as son who are autistic, I think I can learn alot from this book, plus it has fantastic reviews.

The publisher Jessica Kingsley publishing I have spoken to Jessica via message a couple of times about my book she very kindly reply as to some questions I asked and it was fantastic advise. I am asking part of her face book plan publish promote group , she whips people into shape her videos are great to watch she is very smart and funny, oh and she loves biscuits.

If you get a chance check out spectrum women

Niki and Jake

we have completed our first full week back to school with no issues arising the transition is getting easy for the Niki and Jake.

That is because they are used to set routine, we had a couple of days where we woke up late but they were very quick at making up time.

Niki was late to school once because of traffic and getting between Jake’s and her school leaves not much allowance for road works. Jake has to be there for 8.30 and Niki 9am the drive takes 30 minutes.

Niki was a little worried about getting late to school but this time she made a phone call to them to tell them princely when she would arrive.

She made me laugh just a little because they asked if she was on the bus she said “I’m in my mums car broom broom”๐Ÿ˜‚

Jake has still had his empty sad feeling not sure if it is his depression or because he has had a migraine for three days and it’s his way of explaining it. He tends to get eye issues and auditory sensations with them he has a slight tunnel vision for a while. We are waiting for his eye health check as when he got his new glasses they couldn’t do it as Thier machine wasn’t working that was in December it has gone of to the repairs place so hopefully it will get back soon so we can check.

Niki got her student Union excecutive jumper look very good black with pink writing.

She is enjoying her course still, and the maths lesson seem to be going ok. She does find the maths class a little hard because of the amount of people it sometimes it affects her if there are to many people and too much noise.

Her room is still in the process of being decluttered which of course can be a bit difficult for her and a little overwhelming , she is good at directing me to the way she wants things.

Jake’s DLA award has just been renewed so that is a big help. Towards meeting his needs. And one less thing to have to think about for another couple of years unless there is any changes to his needs of course .

Very important things to stay on top of, other wise you are left with too many things to worry and deal with.

Work with Hayley this week.

I am so proud of Hayley she has learnt to use the washing machine, she asked for a hoover for Christmas and likes to hoover her room, there is someone watching over her while she does it but it is an awesome new skill for her.

We also were doing some maths, and she can confidently count up to ten easily now. She even loved doing the number jigsaw puzzle she loves puzzles.

Practising hand writing is another thing we are working on as well as learning letters and what things begin with, she said to Niki I eat 2 new foods that begins with a B Brussels and Banana.

We had lunch out together on Wednesday that’s the day I work the whole day with her.

Then we spent the afternoon choosing her very favorite Emo pictures so we could do a memory frame, and also started a memory book of new challenges with photo’s this will be great for when we have her review at the day services so they can see some of the work I do with her.

Many thanks

Much love

Faye xx