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Hi all, how’s has your day been,first week back at college for Niki, she is really enjoying her courses, and has plans to carry on studying child care up too level four then go back and do level 2,3,4 in health and social care.

She is surprising me on how she is really taking a grown up veiw of things, and handling the emotional aspect of the course, she spoke about the tough bit she is learning now which is about child abuse .

Niki is very empathic and compassionate person, so I hope this bit is not to hard for her emotionally.

She invited me to meet her for lunch today which was very sweet, we talk very openly about many different subjects because it is so important that she feels she can come to me if she has a problem.

Before she would hold it all inside, and shut down this was just a part of the issues communicating when her anxiety and depression were bad .

She has been a little sick tonight , then she said made a bad choose she drank to much chocolate milk, I don’t think she will do that again.

Jake had a good day at school he came to me this evening and said he was feeling incredible sad for no reason and had an empty feeling and didn’t know why.

This again is excellent he was able to tell that he was feeling this way.

My kids being able to just say how they are feeling out loud is just so good.

It has taken time to get to this stage, and they have had many happy moments over the last few years but these feelings always seem to return at random times there is not always a reason or an issue, they are just there.

Giving both the kids a little bit of extra attention and being on alert for any underlining issues that may come out, this way we can also let the school no that he may be needing a bit of extra support, or someone to just keep a close watch while he has these feelings.

It might just be that his brother has gone home and he is adjusting to being back at school and he is feeling the change from all the time we spent close together over the holidays.

My husband was so sweet when Niki was sick tonight he cut an orange into a bear which looked so cute she couldn’t eat it but really appreciated the sweet gesture .

My brother in-law has sent me a clue of funny posts that have made me laugh alot.

And I spoke to our Josh on the phone tonight he always phones al.ost every day when he is not here.

Work with Hayley tonight we now have her annual review book with the day services she goes to, and her medical, and medicine review was done over the phone the other day.

Just has to have her yearly bloods done when I am with her on Wednesday. The end of the week I get to work with the kids again. I. Determined one day to get To to say my name , he is a little monkey and always laughs when I try to get him to say it his humorous is lovely to see.

That’s how are days go for us sometimes relaxing still .

There is now a new head teacher at Jake’s school , and the head of the base in which supports Jake is leaving hopefully the impact of this loss won’t affect our kids with are autistic.

A picture of me and my little brother , I think I was 8 and he was 6 when it was taken

Al my best love Faye XX