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Hi all how you doing, yesterday was a busy one 505 miles I drove yesterday, my oldest son returned safely to his home, my lovely girl Niki is home safe and sound she had an awesome time in Holland such an amazing experience for her, I remember being her age and going to a brand new country with my then boyfriend now husband to meet his family.

The best trip ever Greece was so very beautiful his family lovely but they pinched my cheeks alot, I was home sick yes but loved every minute of it.

The Same for Niki in Holland except the Home sick, she was to busy having fun, too miss us much.

Jake is happy to have his sister home and they spent ages together playing on his switch so great to here them both laughing together.

We had the book meeting today should have something more concrete to say about it Monday or Tuesday, my husband spoke on my behalf today, I sat listening and taking everything in that was being said by everyone especially the other authors.

There were many emotions in that meeting but it was very informative.

So that is all for the book right at this point.

There is something I have noticed in life in general and that is there is such a lack of open communication in life in general in all areas. I sometimes wonder is it is partly the online aspect where you can write what you want be someone different then who you are in real life,

I can safely say I really am offline as online, but offline on occasion I can be a bit of a grumpy person especially when I am tired. Also I can be slightly emotional too, great for writing books not always great to be in a room with.

Ask my husband he will tell you I drive him crazy, my posts tend to talk about so many things may even be a little hard to follow sometimes, that’s because they are the real unedited version of my thoughts at the time of writing them.

On a entirely different subject , Jake had a dentist appointment today the trust his dentist has now built up with him is amazing, he remembers facts that Jake tells him on previous visits they have a little joke with each other,

And his anxiety to go now is gone, we haven’t had to have any work done other then some x-rays and fluoride treatment but soon his ability to look after his teeth enough to get braces is just great, it is why he doesn’t like smiling in picture very much. It’s not that he doesn’t like having them taken.

Next thing is his next kungfu graduation tommorrow he gets I think brown with black stripe, I seem to have lost count. He is still enjoying doing it and still it is helping with his confidence.

My kids surprise me every day by what they achieve, despite everything.

Good night for today

All my love Faye xx