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Hi all how’s your day, I have been thinking about new year’s resolutions and why I don’t have any, I guess we have all been in the position of making them year after year with the intention of keeping them, while so go on and stick to them the majority of people give it a great try maybe they last a week or a month before one or two days you slip backward until you forget about them altogether.

The reason I don’t this year is because what I have learnt about myself as a person over the last couple of years, a new side of me that has strengthened, a Sence of self, and inner confidence.

When I had the cancer scare two years ago now it was a visit with the wellness team after that I set goals I wanted to achieve, it was not the hopes of starting a new year on a positive it was the will to live and love and change everything for my family and myself.

Starting with regaining our smiles find things to laugh at, things to make us smile everyday, so many of our family lost wonderful relatives during this time, they had such a profound impact on so many of our lives, it still does to a different extent I wish it was something we could all share and talk about openly but for now because it is hugely complicated situation we are unable to comment on it, it makes it hard for the grieving process.

I have learnt that I now have a deeper understanding of my children’s Autism, and there anxiety, but also in our own way the elves just helped us along the way to find away to communicate on a whole new level a deeper understanding of each other.

Our children also are getting a deeper understanding of us as Thier parents and that we are actually human too and make mistakes or get it wrong sometimes, regardless they no we love them and care deeply.

So instead of new year resolutions I am going to just go out and achieve it,

Instead of saying it doesn’t matter, it truly does if it is good enough to start , it is good enough to finnish,.

I mean look at my book for example,

A small story that kept on developing in to a book, a fun raiser set and achieved, to be published it was.

Yes there is a somewhat huge hill to climb I did it before the second time around lesson have been learnt, skills added to the list, writing continues.

What I do know is that my kids being autistic or having anxiety is not ever going to be the reason why they can’t, they can with the right people lifting them up , the right people showing them how by doing themselves.

This philosophy has been highly achieved because I showed them that my issues did not stop me, because along the way I have had the right people to tell me I can, the right people to lift me up and that was them. We do it for each other because we all care and love deeply.

Many thanks

much love Faye XXX