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Hi all I hope this first day of this New Year has been good for you.

For us Now the holidays are on there last day, and our journey for the next few days busy.

Sad goodbyes to our oldest who we are driving home, and happy return of our daughter Niki from her holiday in Holland. I am so very thankful that it has been an amazing experience for Niki, one I wasn’t sure was possible before this year.

But the accepting and inclusion she has had from this new family and country shows on her smily face, and the sparkle in her eyes, she has cooled remarkably well with the change of not having us near her, having the Tec to be able to feel connected with her has been so great.

It all became to much for Jake today and all the holiday relaxed schedule saw him even unable to eat his dinner, he is still fast asleep now

Nik my hubby is in a food sleep so full of warm home made meals he couldn’t stay awake.

Josh and me are about to watch Doctor who this time the ones who talk through it are either asleep or not here😂

It is so great to be able to blog and write here on wordpress the many countries of writers and bloggers that I either follow or who have been kind enough to follow me.

My Husband has travelled and worked in many countries all over the world, met people from all walks of life, he tells us all about the adventure and things he learned I always sit eagerly like a young girl soaking In All the information, his eyes light up when he talks his way of telling it in his own style is pretty cool.

When he was a DJ new year’s eve he always worked to intertain others give others an amazing fun night out, and boy those were amazing times I loved dancing without a care in the world. This year though has been my best seeing the new year in all warm and cosy at home movie and a coffee, and even some r&b and 80’s soul music to start it of with. The clock stuck midnight Jake ran outside to see fireworks and a banger went off he was in and door closed very quick bless him he likes it but sometimes loud noises affect him.

Anyway have a beautiful evening

Much love

Faye XXX