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Hi all how are you all doing, it’s that in-between time between Christmas and New year, the boys have gone to see Bumble bee at the cinema my Nik and I are just chilling and Niki well she messaged from Holland this morning saying she has her first tattoo the queen of hearts she will always be a queen.

Simple design not to big or in a place where it’s in your face, she asked if I told her dad, but she told him herself in the end, he told her it was nice not sure if she was expecting a different reaction on not, how he managed to keep his expression bland I have no idea. He first said stop kidding me .

My daughter has this free spirit in her that is both lovely and scary at the same time for us parents. She is 18 now and has the right to choose for herself, our little girl suddenly grew up sometimes it feels as though a big chunk of important stuff was missed during the autism diagnosis and taken by anxiety for years. Still she is learning and growing every day and we are only caretakers for the beginning part of Thier lives.

Being autistic isn’t going to hold her back or stop her from achieving as much as she wants in life,it’s funny really because how much has changed and continues to change in our family as they grow. They always make us proud even if some choises are different them we want, sometimes we just have to let them make them for themselves.

There is definatley a growing resilience in Niki and Jake now although Jake still has a way to go in his thinking, and confidence.

Other than that I had the night shift last night with the kids we had fun watching movies, reading stories taking silly selfies an playing make beileve .

When the kids were asleep I was speaking with Ellie the older one about friendships and what is a good one and what one is not so good, she is at that age now of wanting to fit in and look cool to make friends, but also at the point where peer pressure comes in , I try to speak openly about this with her and that a real friend understands that family is important and sometimes spending time with them and not friends is the best choise. We have also been talking about internet safety with her but I don’t really think it getting in her head right now, I have linked up and follow her and like her post where they are appropriate and tell her parents when they are not.

But that is up to them to monitor I can only advise from a distance because we have been through this as a family ourselves.

There are so many online things kids copy and look up to where maybe they shouldn’t

I am always open to all the kids in the family without being to intrusive very hard in this day for adults to parent kids.

Jake doesn’t have any social media yet he doesn’t want it either at the moment so we are ok for a while Thier. I want him to be more secure in his sense of self and his resilience to be a lot higher before that happens .

The forms had arrived at the liquidators but they asked the post office to hold them there I truly hope they get them and acknowledge them before the deadline on the 3rd.

Any way that’s it for today

Have a beautiful weekend ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’–

All my love Faye xx