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Hi all what a truly peaceful couple of days, it’s been so Lovely to relax and spend time with Nik and the boys and family, for me it is back to work today and Tomorrow today with the book.

Thankfully my oldest helped me with the legal forms to send off to the liquidators, deadline was the fourth on Jan and only revieved them around Christmas Eve no time to get anyone legal to look over them.

Guess it is all in there hands now.

Patience is what I need and I have a whole year before Christmas comes around again, #christmasbook funny how things turn out.

I am looking at it as a blessing in disguise, for this reason the ability for people to get to know me as an author , and a person. I am very open about everything because as an avid reader of many books many all different types I guess I never though much about the person behind the words I read before I started to write my own book. This has made me really think about everything that goes on behind the writting the edits the presentation, illustration, the ISBN the marketing. The acceptance and the rejections.

If I were to give other authors advise it would be don’t give up no matter what all feed back you get helps to make your book the best version it should be ,always get contracts checked by legal advisers. Check and make sure you are secured in the event of company going bust that in my opinion is a BIG MUST.

Get an agent, research what one best suits you and your book and style of writing, keep all communication even ones by email you may have to refer back to it at some point if paying for service with publisher use credit card not bank transfer (Great Big no no not protected) this I recently found out.

Don’t be scared to show the world who you are, important when trying to connect with people who may one day buy your book but also become great friends, reach out to other authors you get to speak openly about the book publishing journey the ups and downs. You want to reach a perticular audience be prepared to read there work and engage, this I am doing alot and have learnt so much about people and Thier stories along the way , some make me laugh some bring tears to my eyes, children’s books is where I want to write and the area I want to bring bring books too. Because I just love that connection of reading with and to them, and talking about it after. I have many truly happy and fond memories with my own children and others,

These are my thoughts today. Tommorrow I am on a night shift looking forward to more reading with them.

Enough about that for now dinner yesterday was lovely if you live with autistic family you will no sensory issues can be an issue where food is concerned and all the boxing Day dinner was very overwhelming for Jake it was a bit of sensory overload due to all the different smells of foods,

He couldn’t seem to sit still and he was moving on and off his chair, we are pretty adaptable to his needs where food is concerned at the moment, I ended up making lots of different starters me and Hayley had Tomatoes soup , my dad and Josh pawncoctail my husband can’t eat shellfish so had salmon instead, and Jake what did he have for starter Jacobs Crackers, plain after a couple of bites he took a risk and added butter. I think he munched through quite a few, his main course was grapes,cress, potatoe waffels (with carrots inside) he hasn’t noticed yet, and of course Garlic bread only this time I got it from a different shop and he spotted the miniscule difference and wouldn’t eat his dinner. That’s how it goes with food and Jake sometimes one day when he is ready to face that final hurdle to try more new things he won’t look back, this I no he has been trying to change his mind set with food by exposing himself to cooking on his health and catering course. It is still very much watch this space wether his eating will change or not he is more ready to discuss the reasons around it now and maybe that is the first step of a long journey, It’s taken thirteen years to get this far with food and him.

I never give up hope it will be better for his own sake one day not to long from here

Boxing day here was such fun here is some photo’s.

Have a beautiful day all.

My love sent out to you all this evening Faye xxx