Merry Christmas all, Emo the Emotional Elf update. #christmas #author #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all hope your Christmas was beautiful for you, ours has been so very peaceful.

We missed our Niki a lot but she is having fun, Having Josh, Jake and my Nik here to spend it with. We have smiles laughed relaxed.

The presents we received this year ment so very much and our parents helped make it special with Thier food hampers it was very much appreciated .

my sweet hubby cooked again this year and loves to take over the cooking it was an amazing meal,

Watching movies all snuggles under the blanket together the best thing in the world.

I feel truly blessed for my family,

The year ahead I Going to focus more on trying to save some money for a holiday, sort out the book, and carry on helping the children learn the skills they need as they grow older.

Finance wise been a very tough year but slowly we are getting better at it .Life changes so very quickly so many things to do and keep up with but I keep taking one day at a time capturing the AWSOME moments of smiles and laughter.

We are all still just beginning to adjust to the losses of Family always in our thoughts on special occasions even though they may not be here.

It is always the best time to be silent with yourself just for a moment and think of things we wish to change in the new year ahead. But I like my life and all who are in it. That is something perfectly perfect to me.

Hope you have a very good week

Merry Christmas

Sending all my love to you all


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