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Hi all, how’s your preparation for the holidays going, I am slowly getting there now down to getting last few gifts now.

There is something so different this year about going to the shops, there is no mad rush or busyness of previous years seems very dull out there, choise seems to be very limited, it is really strange, the music that normally has you wanting to stay in the shops is sadly lacking.

Maybe I need to travel further away from. Where I am but I love the jolly sounds of Christmas. The local mall usually has Santa there where you can get your pictures taken and there is normally a long line of excited children and parents waiting.

They have an awesome sliege with a talking Rudolf and singing penguins and although it looks lovely it isn’t the same as swing Santa there.

The shops normally are full of little stocking fillers that make the kids smile.

I don’t really like shopping online much, I love the feelings of seeing what I am buying, some of the special stores that we used to go to at this time of year have been long gone,are now just a great memory that everyone wishes were still there.

Of course this is just my own personal feeling I am expressing about what I feel but there is this slight feeling of everyone being more hesitant this year.

Our Josh came home tonight so nice to have him here he has made us laugh and smile, I got a night out last night was really great to just relax and let my hair down and so lovely my mum came out with us.

We spoke to liquidators yesterday and they said they were going to find out about our print run copy of the book so we could at least proceed on our own they were ment to phone back today, but the call didn’t come.

I guess I hoped I would have a better more cheerful update about the book today to make Christmas and all the hard work put into the book,just that little bit more settled before we go into the new year but I guess the end won’t happen before the new year now, I really hate going into a new year starting how the old one ended.

It isn’t I nice feeling, but I will remain as optimistically positive for a better out come, I want to start looking for a book agent aswell once I get the print run copy.

I am going to make sure I do my research first so I can pitch my book to the right ones.

Good night for today have a beautiful night.

All my love Faye xx