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Hi fellow bloggers and writers of word press, hope your all finding things to inspire you to continue writing.

It has been a busy few days here , Niki arrived safely to stay with Tom, I know this is a very positive thing for her to do and so important that despite her being autistic and having anxiety and tourettes she gets to live a life that makes her happy, very hard for us parents to take a step back when it feels like we have got apart of our daughter back that was hidden by anxiety attacks and diagnosis, we could be more proud of how much she has grow into her own self over the last 2 years Tom has been a huge part of that for her, he makes her brave and want to go outside the comfort of her room and family.

That I guess is much the same for any teen going into adulthood. We have already been through this stage with our oldest son but it is so very much different for Niki and Jake.

Different time, different issues that are in the world now that weren’t there the first time we brought our oldest into his own life well I say us but in all honesty he did it himself always focused and hard working.

We are looking forward to having him home for Christmas little Jake really loves his big brother. Still I definatley won’t be the same without our Niki’s screams of delight on Christmas morning.

Already it is like a silence over the house we have faced timed quite a few times already today.

There are these 2 distinctive sides to Niki’s personality a strong beautiful intelligent young woman independant and fiesty.

And this other side vunerable, endearing, very young this is who she is both of these, and that’s ok this side of Niki I think is the side where the anxiety lays the most. It is the child that was bullied and excluded alot. It is the side that needs the most loving as we can change what happens tomorow or a week or a month but we can’t erase those memories of that time as they changed her the most at the time they happened.

Jake has finished school now and has been relaxing with his dad, I went visiting and taking presents to family with my mum and Hayley catching up with family is always a pleasure.

I gave my aunty a book and as soon as she saw it she couldn’t wait to open it,

It matters because her grandchildren are also have autism , and ADHD amonst other things.

I hope that by sharing our story others are able to recognise it and get diagnosis and support much earlier than we did so scars don’t develop because of not recieving the correct help early on.

The funny thing is we don’t always get to get together often but when you do spend time together the talking is so easy and free,time passed before we knew it.

There is so much I can think of writing but I guess I have to learn to switch off a little earlier today as I am a little sleep deprived.

Wishing you all a beautiful week 😀❤️