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Hi all , we have been celebrating Christmas early for Niki because she leaves to visit Tom for the holidays.

I really didn’t want to miss out on the memory making moments, and seeing her open her presents. It was a big thing do we do it before she goes or when she gets back, we did make the right choise in the end.

It was the little girl voice that she does when excited about things it still returns, her excited calls this morning has Santa been, it wasn’t as early as other years we made it past 8 in the morning, I did make her wait just a little extra time though.

She loved all her presents and her new clothes fitted so no having to return things in a mad rush.

It was great to spend the day out with Niki she brought pressies for us, we returned home and had a mock Christmas dinner.

The kids autism means they will only eat certain things even though they always have the choise of many, Niki went vegetarian last year and is still the same this year , she had an alternative to meat on her plate.

She even ate broccoli carrots parsnips today so that is a very big improvement, it strange having a vegetarian in the house who doesn’t eat veg. Bless her she tried a Brussel didn’t like it so dipped it in houmos that didn’t go down so well but I let her off because she tried.

We sure are going miss her alot but we have our Josh returning home at the end of the week . We can’t wait to see him.

It sure is going to be a new experience not only for Niki but us too, she has been away with Tom and his family twice now but that was in England this is different , I now know how Tom’s family felt for the last 2 years. Our house is always full it is what we love to be surrounded by our family it is rewarding for me especially.

We have lost so many members of our family over the last couple of year’s who sadly passed away, I don’t want to miss moments with the ones who remain.

The book I haven’t heard anymore from the publishers since we went up there so for now untill after Christmas I am just focusing on the here and now. Doesn’t mean I have given up that will never happen as I believe in it and everything it stands for.

Elves have brought a lot to our way of communicating more effectively and brought us to a deeper understanding of the Autism and anxiety and emotions. That I stand by 💯

Niki chose a new elf today and named her Felicity, we now have a grand total of thirteen elves.

Hope you have a beautiful week ahead, Tomorrow is case packing, schools, planning journey as we have to be there for 7.30am and it is a couple of hours drive.

Niki also has to have a check up at the doctor’s for her blood pressure.

Jake is staying tommorrow with his Grandad, and I still have to sort out with the school the pick up as I won’t be there,his Grandad will be has the mob run again on that day so finishes early, I just hope it doesn’t make him sick again.

As you can see my life is pretty full on some times having 2 children with different needs takes a lot of planning and preparation as you never know if the slightest change in routine will affect them and give them anxiety they have been doing alot better with small changes last minute we kind of have been working hard on that.

All my best

Faye xxx