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Hi all, hope you have had a good week. My wages thankfully arrived early Monday something about leaving early for Christmas party.

Glad they had a lovely time I am prepared for our early Christmas for Niki now before she goes away for the holidays.

Quitely been working through the list of things to do, it’s been an ok week this week with many great moments. My hubby has been a huge help this week, just pottering and doing jobs I have been a little to be to do.

Niki has finished college for the rest of this year and is looking forward to her little break with her Tom and his family, Jake has three more days till he is finished for the holidays and 2 of them are half days so not much time left to get through.

He has had a good term, still focusing on his work, he has been invited to take part in raising money and helping at the local open house shelter after Christmas by his school and is looking forward to learning about that more, he loves helping others. Should be a fantastic experience for him. I love that he gets this opportunity to serve how life affects others.

Hayley is still loving everything Elf and Mickey mouse, she is also on her last few days at the day center she attends before the Christmas break.

Hearing her sing her heart out to Jingle bells makes me smile, I am afraid there is no more news about the book just yet and the next couple of weeks are focused on family time.

Christmas hasn’t always been easy because of the kids sensory and anxiety but they are really begining to not only participate but enjoy it as well, I am thankful the book has given them back that spirit and enjoyment.

We as adults have learnt to just go with the flow they join in when they can and they have space when they need it, works really well for our family.

Tonight I am working they are peacefully sleeping here now we have had lots of silly fun, reading and played some sleepy songs . To night we read the Gingerbread man, and some dogs do, followed by Mary Poppins song stay awake Holly’s eyes started to get heavy pretty quickly I put it on replay, she popped her head up and said” how long does this song go on for”, I said” till you are asleep” she then said “I am going to sleep”

That is exactly what she did just like that.

There is so much going on my updates are going to have a few days where I just can’t write but will share where i can.

Going to say good night for now here are some pictures from our week and tonight.

All my love sent to you this cold winter’s night, be safe, have fun, and smile where you can. Tis the season to be Jolly after all

I forgot to say Niki and Tom sent me a picture of their Emo world on Minecraft.

Love Faye X💗