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Hi all, after contacting the publishers, this week they are still saying it is taking longer then expected to sort authors out.

My god I really got it wrong, choosing them I should have gone with my head and not my heart.

My instinct is telling me there is no other publisher or that it is them just setting up a new company.

Why is it so hard for them to do the right thing and give authors there fully typed set book, so they can do it themselves, it has no value to a closed down company anyway.

Yes I am normally a laid back easy going kind person, I just don’t like being misled. I worked so very hard it wasn’t easy to do the book, while sorting schools, doctors and dealing with things to do with my kids needs. At the same time as working full time It isn’t always smily happy thoughts either I am human after all, to make my week even better there was a mix up with my wages, so today the stress left me with a blinding Migriane.

Writing is my way of releasing that.

Oh how I imaging a secluded island at this moment, just me, myself and I.

I just can’t seem to focus to much there is always so much to think about, not much time to do the things I need to do. Don’t get me wrong it is just how I feel at this particular moment while sleep doesn’t easily come, a distant memory of a once peaceful life awaits in my dreams for me to enter the land of sleep where if I don’t like how things are going I can change it.

I will be my cheerful smily self after a nap.

Maybe this is all I should write for now, maybe it is best to not always wear my heart on view for everyone to see.

Jake did AWSOME at his grading today for kungfu his next graduation will be in January it is brown with black stripe next. At least I think that’s right 😀

Niki has let me unblock her ears tonight that get so bad and she can’t hear, this is one of the things that can be anxiety inducing only because before it left her unable to hear and communicate and it caused her to have a panic attack at the doctor’s , because she had to wait a week for it to be done.

Not this time I always watch and learn how they do some of the things to help. Funny what you pick up at visits to doctors along the way, maybe it’s because we have spent so much time there.

These are just a tiny brows inside the head of a Mum, never just quite but perfectly imperfect, That is OK

Many thanks

With love

Faye XX❤️ sorry for the off load of thoughts

I will put it down to just one of them days