Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #christmas #Elves #Emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all,how’s your day been? I hope things have gone smoothly for you.

Well four days into December my favorite month of the year, I love the lights the Christmas spice scents even the cold weather and although I may sometimes complain about it being so cold it is just all that comes with the Christmas month. Snuggling under a blanket watching Christmas movies or even cooking a hearty warm stew or roast.

The children’s excitement pretending they don’t care because it is only just the beginning of the month.

Niki has already done most of her Christmas shopping me I have got one present, that’s not me normally I have bags full in the attic already wrapped and ready to layout Christmas eve.

This year though much focus has been on the children and school and college, work and the book.

My kids are just that age where toys are not what they want so it is difficult for me to know what to get them.

We are putting more of a down graded Christmas yes we have decorated the same, it’s what makes our home more warm and inviting.

Jake got 💯 on his science test today and the school wrote such a positive message about Jake’s academic progress this term time. It really is to do with the right support put in place and his eagerness to learn.

He is less affected by bullying this has stopped for now I think it is to do with his confidence level and kungfu lesson this has really helped him.

Niki is doing Great on her child care course and with her helping out with classes on college site and school site of her old specialist school.

This goes grate for experience for her

She is so full of positivity about the children she even brought all the children presents just something small each, she spent time thinking about the indevidual child and what they like.

Our Josh is doing great In his job, he even dressed as an elf for the works Christmas do they put on for the kids each year. So a much more productive end to the year.

It is harder I think to keep things positive and takes alot more continued support, to keep things on track.

I am Still awaiting news about the other publishers, so as far as the book goes it is still a wait and see thing for the moment.

Work is going great early have them organised too, although it Hayley’s Christmas production week and we are finishing her shopping too.

That’s our update for today

Here’s some photo’s and moments we have captured over the last few days.

Have a beautiful evening all or day or afternoon which ever country you may be in.

So good night

Sleep peacefully

Much love

Faye xx