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Hi all still being given the run around with the book, so think a trip up there face to face is in order to get this sorted.

Because they are asking for more money for something I have already paid for before they give me what is mine.

I am not going to hand anymore money over without that meeting, they still say they are in talks with another publisher but won’t give me any information.

So that’s all the info I have at the moment.

On a positive note Niki is getting her passport within the next couple of days so we still maybe able to sort her Christmas trip out.

It was my birthday on the 19th and I had such a wonderful weekend, my oldest son Josh surprised us with a weekend visit so we were all together again.

My mum also came down to spend my birthday with us the kids enjoyed spending time together.

There is always a Sence of peace I feel seeing them laughing and spending time together.

My husband cooked a special dinner it was so yummy😀 it not only melted in my mouth but touched my heart deeply.

Wednesday at work I took Hayley to do her Christmas shopping we had a fabulous time the elves joined in.

Yesterday was Niki’s passport meeting and because it has been difficult sorting it and because of her anxiety we arranged with them that I would go in with her but once we got there they refused to let me go in.

They are very lucky an anxiety attack did not happen,

We spent the rest of the day at toy shops before coming home made a real mum and daughter day of it.

The one thing we both felt this morning was really achy muscles

But it’s a good achy😀

As you can see a busy week for us, but that is cool.

I hope to be able to sort the book soon

It is the most stressful situation to be in I can’t help but be concerned not only for my book but the other authors who are going through this at the moment non fiction is so personal so much of your reality mixed in so much of your own and families journey I guess that is what makes it that little bit harder.

Thanks for reading

Going to also share some of our beautiful moments with you as well.

Goodnight love Faye xx