Emo the Emotional Elf Update #christmasbook #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi Everyone, hope your day has been a great one. Today I had a message from the publishers seems their maybe a solution in the next week negotiations have started which is a step in the right direction, this time I am taking a moment to check every little detail. As this is my first book it is still a learning curve and if I new then what I know now I would of definitely done things differently, I went with my heart and at the time I thought they were the best fit for me but there was no way I could predict the company would seize trading, until that day i found out.

I can`t regret anything though as I would not have got this far without their work,  what I do need to do now is think logically and take my heart out of the equation, as it blurs my thinking at a time I really need to focus and be strong willed and minded. Thank you and a big Hello to all new followers, it is a pleasure to have you join and see my work.

 My other work as a carer

Tonight is a night shift so now the children are asleep ,I can get some writing done, they looks so very sweet all snuggled down in their camp under the bed.

 We have had so much Fun together tonight, dressed as pudsy  bear they arrived with a squeal of delight and a bang on the door, you always here them as they are getting out of the car the little Holly`s feet and little Toms laugh.

 We have read together danced and watched the children in need fund raiser together, little Tom`s school is one of the the ones that will be receiving funds from the the fund raiser via Amazon smile campaign their is a link on the amazon smile page where a percentage of the price of goods brought using the link will truly help them keep up their amazing work.

My children

My sons school did not do anything this year for children in need, first year ever which is such a shame secondary schools is an age where most kids, are out becoming more independent and have so much pressure with exams and all thats involved with taking the them getting them involved with charitable events is a positive thing.

My daughter Niki did get involved wearing spots and odd socks helping to collect money and at the bake sale only her second time doing a student executive event, so proud she was planning it all week it almost all got cancelled but in the end things turned out well.

So as i round up this post i just wanted to say thanks for all the continued support,

Big hugs and love 

Faye xx