Emo the Emotional Elf update. #author #emotions

Hi all, today a day to remember those who lost there lives 100 years ago, the families left behind to carry on and rebuild a world devastated by war, the injured left disabled the mental anguish and pain for all who lived a life in that time.

Myself I remember and learn more of my family that were affected by it as the years go by.

They had no choise but to stand up and fight to bring freedom and peace.

There was is no winner in war just loss. I can’t even imagine how it was for them because I sit in the safety of home surrounded by my family something they went to war so there future generation can have a more peaceful life.

History cannot be changed that’s a truly sad truth, the past cannot be totally forgotten because it is a lesson.

Something that we speak about even to this day.

My great grandparents and those other family members who were old enough to go to war.

Those who stayed behind but played there bit by nursing of factory work. The innocent children who grew up in an unsafe place.

There are many countries still having wars or families living in the shadow of what is left behind.

I am thankful for my families sacrifice

But i wish they did not have to go through that, I have a deep hope that we as countries and societies learn that life is better with peace.

So in honour of my family who loss Thier life I thankyou from the bottom of my ๐Ÿ’“

Many thanks Faye xxx