Emo the Emotional Elf update, #author #christmas #elves #emotions #anxiety #autism #mentalhealth

Hi all wishing you a beautiful new week ahead.

Still very much a waiting game for the book many thoughts are in my head new ideas, like an endless ticking clock waiting to strike the midnight bell and bring a new day.

A new day to learn more a new day to bring about change which is what the book is about it still brings smiles and laughs to me each day even if the day is difficult I think back to the time I was sat down thinking up ideas for elf mischief. I loved slowly drawing more of the family into the story by adding little snippets of them as I see them.

I love sharing and talking about it online, because the people it has drawn my way some I am still getting to know, some sharing Thier own stories and pictures of Thier families with me.

I have made some really cool new friends who have a positive impact on my life, the uplifting messages received mean an awful lot.

Thank you for all who follow my posts or like them, I love reading what you all write too. There are so many people out Thier who also have many challenges to face maybe now and again maybe everyday or even multiple times a day.

I will carry on writting and sharing, learning more as I go, growing as a Person and author, if only determination and passion for what you truly beileve in was enough to make a situation change around quicker. My life would be so much easier.

I would like to see a change that all our young kids have hope and safety and somewhere to go that doesn’t envolve feeling hopelessness, an out let that everyone becomes envolvement in lifting them and showing them the possibilities they have for a better life.

The Emotional support to understand themselves there mental and emotional health is as important as Thier physical health.

For kids from a young age to understand all emotions and how to handle them safely for their own sense of self to build friendships and meaningful relationships with others,

I talk about these things with my children alot, what’s ok and not ok.

Have a beautiful evening

All my love

Faye xx