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IMG_20181031_160330403.jpgHi all, hope you are all doing great.

It`​s so great to see more countries appear in my blog stats, other then Checking my Facebook or email or what my kids were visiting. since writing the book and joining more sites to get the book out there and meet knew people from different cultures and countries, it is so fantastic because I realy believe it brings something new and exciting to our families life.

It`s been a busy week for us after my oldest son left on Monday for his surprise visit we were on back to school routine, then Halloween was quickly appeared. Our niki spent it at a friends house which was a first for us not having her home, she had fun and that was the main thing.

Jake had both me and my husbands attention and hayley decided she wanted to stay a little later with us to join in, it was such a fun and fabulous night, we had a record amount of trick or treaters this year, i would say over 80 through the evening.

They were all so very polite and their costumes were amazing, I love the excitement in Jake when the witch outside went off he was so bouncy and jumping with excitement to be able to put sweets in their pots and to wish them a happy Halloween in his best Mickey mouse voice it was a great impression. Jake and his dad went out trick n treating too we only started taking them out about three years ago before that we had little party`s at home.

I have heard from the publishers they are still saying they are trying to sort something out for my book, but they have lots of other authors to deal with too. i no this is hard for us all to deal with I am trying to think positively about it and still remain hopeful for a solution to this soon, the book is finished. It`s ready for sales there are still some copies available online depending where you look. It is easy to type in Google Emo the Emotional Elf by Faye Farmer and see the results for yourselves.I am still keeping my book out there by talking about it.

Jake although he is slowly getting over his cold had physio today and they feel he is able to do his excersizes without seeing them now but they have said they will keep his file open for a couple of months just so if he has difficulty again he wont have to go through the GP and we can just phone them up, This is good news his posture has improved a lot and although the back bruises are slowly happening less and less and his knees still crack a lot his tendons in his legs have gone from 30 to 20 not completely sure what this means but they said it is an improvement, now his cold has nearly gone we can Push him to do his excersizes even more. Jake is becoming more aware now of his posture and is learning to correct it because his body is learning where it is suppose to be.

we have also been trying to sort Niki`s passport which she needs for visiting Tom at christmas, a little on the frustrating side as the computer though the house number was different to what was written, which has led to many phone calls trying to get sorted.  Things sometimes are never simple but complex when transitioning from child to adult services.  So doing things independently but still needing help to minimise stressful details, I don`t want to give her panic attacks another way in,

when we have the anxiety at a some what stable point.

well that kind of all tonight as I am working the night shift here the kids are sound asleep we had lots of fun tonight.

Good night to you all.

Faye xxx