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Hi all having revieved a message from publishers, the other day which to be honest because of situation I wasn’t expecting just yet, and can’t say much about till they contact me again, so now I wait as calmly as I can.

I really don’t like that I am in the situation just as it is the best time for most sales.

This weekend has been focused on my little family, my oldest son Josh gave us a surprised visit, we have had a beautiful weekend of watching movies, shopping talking to the echo I got for my hubby’s birthday, we are all having fun with it.

Me and the kids set an alarm at full volume before we went out as hubby was having his Sunday nap, he said he was nearly out the back door. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

We are always playing little tricks on each other, we are as mischievous as our Elves.

This evening was pumpkin carving, for those with sensory issues not an easy thing Jake managed to scrap most of the insides with out getting it on his hands, Niki really didn’t like the smell, and Josh he is never affected these things, well maybe only with Brussel sprouts.

My Family time I can it matters more than anything they are growing g so quickly, I feel we missed some of the most important times of there life when the journey through diagnosis hit us.

Things we can’t change or get back

I write to remember, I write to capture I write to express so many things. It is good for my own. Families mental and emotional health.

That all for today, tommorrow it is return to school and saying goodbye to Josh. Loved having time with him.

All my love

Faye xx