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Hi all, hows your day been? last last few days have been busy with a mixture of work, Ehcp yearly reviews, flu, and much more this is my life and I love it all drives me crazy sometimes, but still now i am more than happy with how things are going.

The Publishers have uploaded the first lot of reviews i sent them they also shared my author event on there face book page, I haven`t uploaded my blog for a couple of days because i have been resting in between.

I have also been updating my author pages on Amazon in all the ones that have author pages. These ones are UK, France, Germany, America and Japan.

I have started the new book too so going to press on with that, here in the UK it is half term so i can take my time as no school runs, i have my kids home which i love to have the quality time with them.

I had contact from the people who run the author event about donating a copy of the book to the local library, as they really want to help local author`s and it was a pleasure to be able to do that, i want my book to be available everywhere including libraries.

I also had contact from one of the other authors at the event asking if i would like to attend their christmas fair event they are doing what better way to show case my Christmas book.

I love reading all books and think they all bring something to this world, but i also love people and their stories, i get just as much out of connecting with people as i do writing.


it was just such a beautiful rewarding day for me,  he realy

he really gets me and my writing he talks with me and enhances it, his input and ideas are relevant and valued so very much. then we spent the evening watching movies.

Before i went and read with Jake we are reading the new Tom Fletcher bool THE CREAKERS  i must say it is holding both mine and Jake`s attention we are on chapter 3 and loving it already. I have to try and read it in little bits when reading with Jake as i get enthusiastically carried away in the story. so definatley a fantastic book to read with your kids or even yourself.

Niki brought me a present yesterday a Mummy Elf, i can say i really entered their world and now they have entered mine and taken me into the world of boundless imagination.

any way thats all for tonight have a beautiful evening or day which ever it may be in your part of the world.

all my best love Faye xx

Here are some of the pictures from this weeks work.