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Hi all, before i do my own update for my book and tell you all about my experience of the author event i would like to tell you about the other amazing books and authors that were there.

I will share some pictures of them with there books at the end of the post, they are welcoming and and passionate about the books they have written.

First the lovely lady i shared my table with  author Pauline Emsley she attended the event with her beautiful talented daughter who was truly amazing at the event helping to set up and organise, a little budding author herself working on her own story she is one to watch out for as a young author when she has finished her book.

She obviously gets her love of writing and reading from her mum, Pauline`s book is called `Rag doll Lost` lovely illustrations and a sweet little story, as a parent i know what it is like when your child loses their much loved toy so a fabulous little book to help children with that. It was a blessing to meet with them both and share the reasons for writing the books we wrote.

Find out more about Pauline`s books at 

Next author was  Teresa Harrison-best  books she brought with her were Mackerel & the Jolly Daisy. Beautiful illustrated again she came to the event with beautifully crafted character`s always great in engaging kids with a physical representation of the character from the books. she also brought the other chapter book`Catawall! Fluent in feline  

Another great looking book  when talking to her about the reason for my book and my kids autism she shared a similar situation someone close to her is going through at the moment. you know this is the effect i was hoping that my book and speaking for the reasons behind it would do help others to feel someone out their is understanding their journey. It was a pleasure to swap details with her and offer a friendly ear if it is needed .

She did give me her contact details as soon as i find them i will ask for a link to her work.

The next lovely lady is Jo Baxter her book Viola Pumpernickel and the Emerald Lady from what i saw of the book at the event it is a must read from 8 up something i would definitely get to read with my kids .

find out more about the book at WWW.JOBAXTERBOOK.CO.UK 

The next author Adam D Searle his book `The big and little monster` is just something i would definitely buy and enjoy reading made me feel slightly nostalgic as this is what my Jake used to love reading he was a young boy something that starts off the fascination in a young mind. you can check it out at to find out more.

Next up Tony the magician his book `PLAN IT RUN IT ENJOY IT` is sure to be of help to parents planning their children’s party we did not get to meet him on the day but we met his lovely friend who attended on his behalf. 

Next up was the lovely author Lynne Healy she oozed confidence and her positive attitude really brought an ease to the room. really loved her book the Birdham Bear.

Again a book which will appeal to children well worth taking a look at her site and finding out more about her little book bears have been in the hearts of children for a long time. Her site is 

Next up the very beautiful author Clara Robson Kanu her little book again sure to appeal to the young imagination lovely illustrations, again something i would read to kids.

The book is called  Moonbugs the front cover is really eye catching .

The next smiley author who`s book was released only 2 weeks ago is the lovely Lexi Rees. this book is more to my kids age and has a lot of appeal as a must read

Eternal Seas is the name of the book she has a twitter page and is a avid tweeter.

check her out to find out more about her book or grab a copy from amazon

Next up is the lovely Sue Wickstead experienced teacher and author of Jay JAY the supersonic BUS, The more experienced  one of us in this field and confident in her books and work shone through at the event, she sent me some pictures of me she captured on the day which was very thoughtful they were lovely.

The last lady in the room author Natasha Murray. Author Artist Illustrator and reviewer 

3004 Book shop Something to Read? on her journey she said their was not much to help first time authors get out their in our area so she made a way to help and wants very much to help other authors out so her site maybe a great one to check out.

So to finish off this author reviews and to help lift other newly published authors reach more of an audience this is why i wrote this blog.

Remember everyone starts somewhere they learn from what they do a long the way, their are moments they may like to change and do somethings differently, learning from experiencing it, It is hard work from start to Finished book. You also learn once that book is written and a physical copy is in your hand the real hard work starts, nerves may come and pop into your head as your putting your creation out their, but you deserve the best to happen for your book. the  passion and dedication you have put in to that book will come across in what is written and to pass that on to a child is a gift, be proud that you done that.

Thanks to you all and it was a huge honor and pleasure to be in that room at that time showing my work along side all of yours