‘Emo the Emotional Elf’ update. #author #christmasbook #Elves #Emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

Hi all, how has your day been?

Preperation that is what I have been doing all week since getting confirmation of the author event.

The three p’s planning, preperation and perseverance.

So there is 11 hours till I set up the stall at the library and meet the others embarking on this journey be lovely to see there perspective on how they got there to thier published book.

What what way they went, was it traditional or partnership publishing like me or are they stand alone authors.

How many of you have been on this journey yourselves or are going through it? or thinking about it.

I don’t regret any of it I have a little bit of guilt about the money side of things because I am a mum, and as a mother I can think of a million different things I could of done with the money it has taken to invest I. This book.

Then I think well it is an investment for our future, as today it is a book but tomorrow an idea of a business venture where author ,carer, and mother all the things I have learned on our journey could be of benefit to other parents. Joining the journey of becoming a special needs parent or even just a parent.

That I have 24 years of experience in 13 years experience in the care industry. What i may lack in academic skills I certainly gained In hands on experience.

That is what I bring with me as I embark on this new journey, I am simply gaining a wider knowledge of things to do with writing.

Tomorrow is also Hayley’s birthday so tomorrow night we are celebrating with a girls night out, Niki is old enough to join us and it is such fun to share new moments with her now she is joining adulthood.

My Mum is also down for a visit too. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with her.

There was one thing though that is unfortunate Jake has his Kung Fu graduation it starts as my day finishes

I just hope I can get there in time to see as I haven’t ever missed one.

Glad my husband will be Thier to take him and capture it on camera incase I Late. I really wanted hi. To be my plus one at the event but my sweetie has this cold that is giving him a bad headache, and while a half an hour watching a graduation manageable thing a four hour event just to much.

He helped me chose the outfit, a dress I brought for our anniversary, just before I wrote the book. It was a choose between that and my favorite red one but that is better to where out in the evening.

I always trust his judgement as he knows me the best, and although he won’t be there, he has really been helping alot behind the scenes on this book and teaching me how to do some of the stuff his input and dedication into helping with the cover, and some of the other things, is very calming yes I know he has made me edit my work I know he has been very tough at times with me but it works and that is how we work with each other.

I have also been learning to read Greek I started the other night and most of it is easy to work out and retain, if I can master reading them I can master speaking and listening.

I already can understand quite a few words, so if my Greek family read this post talking in Greek with each other is something I will be able to fully understand soon ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

So it is goodnight from me.

Have a beautiful weekend I look forward to sharing event photos with you all soon with an update on how it went.


All my love Faye. Xxx