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Hi all hope you day has been ok,

We had Niki off today as she has gone down with a bad cold, Thursdays and Fridays she does work experience at her old specialist setting she really is enjoying doing it, obviously because there are children with different issues not wanting to pass this bug around is a important thing. When I phoned them this morning they said they have had a few that have gone down with it.

Jake’s Ehcp meeting went well, we spoke about better communication between the school and home because of big changes and staff cuts and funding and things they have not been as easy to communicate with.

Hopefully now though they will it really is in Jake’s best interest that trust is rebuilt with the school.

So 2 things that were different this time, the people incharge of Ehcp plans were not there, which i found very strange. As they are the ones supost to be reviewing so it was the school Sen and the person running the social communications unit.

The second thing is they can’t find as last year’s review your show progress between. This is also a little concerning because it has all Jake’s private information in. There was a big move of the unit at the end of last term.

Jake has made huge progress which is very important to focus on, we are maintaining his support how it is and keeping up what is working.

We spoke lots about Jake’s needs and wants for future.

We spoke about his on going issues and that emotionally he is much more settled now.

We spoke about the changes in levels of stress as the year goes forward and more tests get added, this is a huge point in maintaining his plan because a negative issue can impact on his emotions and set off his depression and refusals to attend class.

Both Niki and Jake have ūüíĮ attendance at the moment.

We spoke about Jake’s perspective of friendship in the school, there is still some low level teasing but Jake at the moment is standing up to that.

They said they will also give him a one to one session every 2weeks to focus on issues and what is working well with Jake .

He attended the second half of the meeting and really spoke about things In such a grown up way. They have said to him if they other kids begin to get too annoying to let them know.

This is a good thing I spoke with them about some of the friendships Jake has made online and that some of his friends also get depressed and talk about not wanting to be here, I told them about one girl who was really finding things hard so Jake wrote a inspirational booklet about why she matters and that she is worth it.

It so important to show that although Jake does have autism he also is a sweet caring kind compassionate young man who likes to help and look out for people.

Jake also has just found out he has surpassed his end of year target of a 3b by getting a 4a in maths this is something well worth celebrating as he lost many maths lessons, over the last couple of years due to his anxiety.

So this is how my day has been, Jake had kungfu tonight it really is so very important for his self esteem and confidence, when the doctor said that he should go to a gym and that Kung Fu , classes as physical enough, Idon’t think she was right I see how much it takes physically mentally and emotionally to triangle in kungfu.

It is good for his fine and gross motor skills, balance, being able to come concerntraight and do opposite action take a lot of focus, it is hand eye coordinations, attention to detail.

Jake has really made progress in the physical contact , aspect of it and because of his issue with being strangled in primary having someone bigger stronger getting that close , is hard not to mention his sensory issues he still has to put his hands of his ears when they do there speaking part.

This is all for today a new power point will be added Jake is learning g this at school and he is going to teach me as well the next one the kids input will be In It as well.

Many thanks

Much love

Faye xxx