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Hi how has your day been?

Work today with Hayley was good, took her shopping for things she needs and for a treat to Starbucks, we brought Emo with us.

Felt very empowered to actually approach shops and introduce myself as a new author, trying to find out who the best person there to show the book to

Little deflated when was told to contact head office, these are things I think for new authors are hard unless your really great at selling yourself as well as your book. But at least I stepped out of the comfort zone behind a keyboard.

I have a lot of belief in the book and the work I have put into the finished product. But it is such a specific book in alot of ways, so seeing it in person rather than a picture of the cover and back page online might not do it the justice it deserves.

I can say that for my family it really did help and do what it was supost to. And while everyone who has books out that cover the same thing as mine, and I know many of them are AWSOME because I have read them. I like to here how others stories are simpler but yet so very different.

I have been researching others that are in the area of children’s self help, awareness books and elf or christmas books, but Thier are none in the style in which Emo the Emotional Elf has been written. So it isn’t something I could compare to another if that makes Sence.

Part of marketing a book is looking where it slots in what your audience is.

I don’t want it put into brackets of a specific audience but to be enjoyed by all different personalities it is a book about enclution after all

Maybe it is just a book that is made to stand alone in its own little way. A book to draw people In and to help them open up and share thier stories.

With all the connections friends and people I have been speaking to over the last 2 years it has certainly shown that that does happen.

Non fiction books the most are about the person or people in real life, it is full of the personalities of the writer and of the others in thier family or life or work. This is vastly true about this book.

You know I sometimes share selfies not for comments but because I want to show the person behind the book, the author, the person behind the keyboard updates. I am trying to find the right words for video updates and a more personal approach.

But sometimes I feel that I am not taken seriously as a person because of that.

I mean I have had to tell someone to stop making rude remarks about how I look hot, it really is inappropriate especially as they have not once asked about my work or my book, they called me baby I pointed out my Name is Faye

and I have a brain. I guess I don’t have such a limited vocabulary as I thought. Thier is more to me than what a picture can ever show or a video, I am a  very deep thinker I love science, engineering, art and opera, creative dance, medical mystery and cars. History and investigations. I love children because they see you as a person first they see you kindness your heart, they see so many things.

I get frustrated easily when I am passionate about a subject, just because it is something I feel, not just something I see or here.

That’s all for today

All my love Faye IMG_20181003_110853548



2 thoughts on “Emo the Emotional Elf update #author #christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth

  1. Craig Bingham says:

    Hi Faye,

    I noticed your blog because you started following my blog. I find your blog interesting — my wife works as a speech pathologist who sometimes works with autistic children. Parenting is always difficult, and managing autism must amplify the challenges.

    I wonder whether you followed my blog because you were really interested in what I was writing, or whether you use blog-following as a way of promoting your own blog. Please let me know,
    Best wishes,

    • fayekerryfarmer says:

      Hi Craig I didn’t follow just to draw attention to sight, I love to follow all different stories because I have an interest in many things, our family like to learn and talk about a variety of subjects this helps because when the anxiety and things are highten with the children it is away to get them talking and learning .while we are inside the four walls of our home,
      Sometimes it becomes intense other wise if that makes sense. 😁

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